86. The decline of the population and the leftover women are caused by monogyny and feminism, which are behaviour against God

12 November 2016

There are many leftover women in China, and the whole population in Western countries has declined.

According to general logic, with the development of the economy and the improvement of productivity, there will be higher and higher population, because the society can support more people and provide the means of livelihood for more people.

However, the fact is the opposite that the economy has been developed and the population has declined. The reason is that God says this is a phenomenon like ‘the great whore’ riding the beast in Revelation.

Because ‘the great whore’ indulge themselves in a luxurious lifestyle, refuse to meet their responsibilities, and refuse to raise children.

Typically, leaders of many other nations are women; however, many of them are lesbian or are similar to lesbian. They have their hearts on politics sought without raising children. They assume arbitrary power; therefore, they are the representatives of the great whore.

The primary logical thoughts of ‘the great whore’ are human rights and feminism.

They believe whether to raise children or not is their human right; because raising children influences their quality of life, they refuse to raise children. This can lower the population.

Meanwhile, monogyny is also the result of human rights and feminism.

Polygyny can change the influence of human rights and feminism on the population decline.

Because the status of women in a plural family is directly proportional to the number of children who are raised, there is a competitive relationship for the family status. Therefore, there’s no problem about feminism lowering the population.

Moreover, polygyny is most hated by feminists and human-rights defenders, so they advocate monogyny.

Feminists and human-rights defenders think that sex ratio can be balanced by monogyny. Thus everyone can form a family.

But as a matter of fact, there are still many leftover men and leftover women who can’t get married since the implementation of monogyny in China. So monogyny can’t make the slogan possible for everyone to get married and have a family. It’s just a lie and a hoax.

The ability for the procreation of the population depends on the women of the right age who get married and pregnant. It has nothing to do with whether men get married or not.

Nowadays, the problem of the population decline is that women of the right age don’t get married and give birth to children.

Why don’t women at the right age get married and give birth to children? The answer I heard most is that raising children is too expensive .So they refuse to get married.

This is an excuse; they don’t have any pressures, so there is no incentive for them.

However, polygyny can solve this pressure and incentive. If the woman refuses to give birth to children or is unable to have children, the man can marry another wife again, so this task can be completed by other people.

The problem of leftover women is also caused by the monogyny. Polygyny can solve this problem.

After men and women enter the society, the older they are, the higher the status is, the more the wealth is.

Women are known as ‘three high’ in the marriage market for high education, high income, and high age. It is difficult for them to look for a partner in marriage.

The ideal marriage partners for women with high education, income, and age are the partners having better income and social status than them, but their ages are the same as the women. They should be old.

This is a contradiction in monogyny.

Because when the older women have three high, the successful older men are married early. If they don’t get married, they may have some problems, such as homosexuality, physiological dysfunction, physiological defect, and so on.

Successful married man has an emotional relationship with unmarried woman of the same age, which is an extramarital affair; what’s more, this is a common phenomenon in today’s society.

Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards. There’s nothing wrong with that. Women hope to improve their living standards through marriage rather than lower their living standards.

So do the leftover women.

How to solve this problem? That is polygyny, which can open the market and break the state of monopoly.

Successful men can marry successful women again, but they can’t abandon their former wives, which is the most scientific and reasonable.

The logic of monogyny is that a female returnee doctor should marry a disabled man with physiological dysfunction or physiological defect. A successful man must abandon his former wife if he wants to marry a successful woman.

This is a way for feudal society abused and oppressed the women.

As for polygyny, the theory and logic that some men can’t marry their wives is ridiculous.

The good survive and the bad die out; this is God’s law.

A male lion can get married and propagate only when he is the king of the lions.

Men have no problem if not getting married, and the useless men still can’t get married even if there is monogyny.

Now there are still more leftover men for Chinese monogyny. Moreover, this results in excellent women who can’t get married, and the adolescent population has declined.

This is unscientific, unjust, and unfair.

Monogyny is behaviour against God.