85. Trump is elected as the president, which means that God is on the side of people and hates human hypocrisy

10 November 2016

Hypocrisy exists in both the Western and Oriental worlds, including China. It can be seen from the fable of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ that ancient and modern Chinese and Western people are all hypocritical. People inherently like the world being enveloped by lies and scams.

Hitler said, ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.’

Lin Biao said, ‘Nothing big can be achieved without lies.’

It’s mainly because from the primitive society to today, people have not been enlightened yet. The mode of thinking and algorithm abilities, the ability to understand the world, and logical judgment of things are extremely limited. If the knowledge grasped by human society is a sea, the knowledge and cognition ability of an individual is like a glass of water. Before, I analogised it to the scope of a flashlight’s light beam which is considerably narrow.

People’s cognition of the world beyond the light beam is all false and they have to convince themselves through lies and scams: the entire world is within my reach. As a matter of fact, they know nothing about others. They are besieged and taken advantage of by lies and scams.

Sometimes, I know that liars do not lie on purpose. They just say something that caters to the public in order to reach their goals.

I hate lies. I want to convey the true world to people. Trump is showing the true side of the world to people. Then a lot of people collapse spiritually.

They have been wrapped in lies and scams for too long a time, so they find it hard to accept the reality, and the ugliness and cruelty of the real society. Hence, they have Trump to blame for smashing their beautiful dreams.

Trump is elected as the president, which indicates that more and more people are awakening. Those with mental breakdown cannot break away for the time being because they are deeply indulged in lies made by themselves.

I have been emphasising that people need face up to the problem if they want to solve it. People should realise their inanity, ignorance, and ugliness and get rid of them. Only by doing so can they improve and make progress.

God is omnipotent. God doesn’t need to use lies and scams to win something for himself. Therefore, God supports Trump, who speaks the truth, to be the president. Other countries need people who are honest to serve as the president. You should be prepared.

Is Islam heresy? Is it evil? Is it ignorant? Is it demon? Is it antihuman? Is it anti-civilisation? Should it be banned? Please answer these questions first.

Those who refuse to admit it are all hypocritical and are deceiving themselves as well as others. They are all liars.

These are some basic criterion for differentiating between the truth and hypocrisy.