84. It’s demonic to prevent the civilians fleeing the battlefield. They account for the civilian bombing. The bombers are innocent.

10 October 2016

I remember my grandma said many people fled from Japanese soldiers’ invasion in the Second World War—they fled to the cities that had not been invaded. Many of my grandma’s relatives in the generation had fleeing experiences.

Now, there are ones who do not allow fleeing the war in Syria. All factions or parties of Islamic terrorists not allow the civilians to flee, because they want the civilians to be hostages and human shields against the bombs.

From this point of view, the Islamic demons are not evil at some level, but at extraordinary level. They are extremely wicked and shameless.

Using civilians as human shields and thwarting their fleeing are how those under the names of Free Syrian Army, IS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra Front, etc. fight. They do not fight in the way soldiers would. They are shamelessly rolling over and over on the floor and making an unreasonable scene. They are Satan living on human meat and blood. They force the death of the innocent with them, and fire from under women’s skirts and behind children’s backs.

However, there are some people in America and Western society wishing to provide political cover for these Satan.

Those who prevent refugee fleeing are the evil demon liable for bombing of civilians. They are the so-called Free Syrian Army, IS, al-Nusra Front, etc.

The Syrian government forces have never stopped civilians fleeing but kept reminding them of fleeing. Therefore, they are the just side. They are the innocent bomber. Those who prevent refugees from fleeing should have the liability. They need to tried by God.

In fact, the Syrian government forces didn’t bomb many civilians. Those who were bombed are mostly rebel families and supporters of the terrorists.

Refusing the refugees fleeing is an evil theory coined by Americans. They thought this could force the attackers to give in, and human shields could be used to resist the attackers. Once civilians are harmed by attackers, there can be humanitarian crisis. This theory is nonsense and evil. It is an excuse used by America for interference with the internal affairs of other countries and is patented by Americans.

Humanitarian crisis refers to the slaughtering of civilians following a defeat. It usually occurred in ancient times. But it never means mistaken killing of civilians. The two represent two concepts, and are not confusable.

After witnessing the killing of civilians, American and Western society should put the blame on the Free Syrian Army, al-Qaeda, and IS, who prevent civilians from fleeing, using them as human shields. It’s because of them hiding and firing from under women’s skirts and behind children’s backs that the civilians were killed.

They are the shameless cowards, the slaughterers of civilians, and the evil demon.

America and Western countries should accuse them of kidnapping, slaughtering civilians, and committing war crime in the International Court of Justice, rather than unjustifiably accusing the Syrian government forces. This is an act of ‘the great whore’ and evil cult.