82. With regard to North Korea, we should solve problems, not make problems

10 September 2016

Today, the North Korean problem is that the demon has developed and expanded by means of the contradiction of the big powers.

In the last nuclear test, the measures taken in the United States were to create new problems rather than to solve them.

The consensus now is that the North Korean Peninsula should be free of nuclear weapons.

Now it seems impossible for the demon to take the initiative to give up nuclear weapons, so the only way to denuclearisation is to destroy the North Korean nuclear capability immediately, or the problem will get worse. Other negotiations, condemnation, sanctions, and missile defence are jokes.

THAAD (terminal high altitude area defense) deployed by the United States is for the sake of hitching a ride or other purpose of its own, thus creating new problems on the North Korean Peninsula. Instead of solving problems and destroying the demon, it makes the demon have more space to live.

The solution to the problem is to take military action just as they did when they solved nuclear capabilities of Syria and Iraq. Simply, the cancer cells will be removed before they spread.

The United Nations should authorise the United States to take military action to destroy North Korea’s nuclear facilities. The rest is nonsense.