81. Drug dealers who surrender should be allowed to sell organs to others, and then they can be absolved

3 September 2016

In the Philippines, a lot of drug dealers surrendered, so their prisons were overcrowded. These men were guilty, but they walked on the road of crime because of the temptation of the demon.

The demon includes democracy and human rights advocacy in Western society, which makes them believe that crime can go unpunished and can be as impunity as in Mexico with the protection of human rights, and that is why they boldly betray God and justice to commit crimes.

But now that they have surrendered, they should be given a chance to go back to God.

At the same time, there is a certain price to pay. They should be distinguished from law-abiding people, so they need to do something to show repentance and loyalty to God.

I heard that some people sell their kidney in order to buy a mobile phone. Similarly, many people in Nepal have sold their kidneys for the sake of their lives.

A man has two kidneys, and selling one to another is not a big problem.

So I suggest that drug dealers can make atonement by selling kidney or other organs. If they help others, their sins can be forgiven, and it also warns others that the betrayal of God and justice comes at a price.