80. To establish a new international organisation with executive capacity and appropriate profitability

29 August 2016

Land and mineral resources are the belongings of God. He hopes that the world he created is filled with humans and creatures, and they can lead a prosperous, happy, and orderly life.
1. The population of humans and other creatures should increase with the advance of productivity.
2. Everyone living on earth should lead a prosperous, happy, and orderly life.

Population Growth

Influenced by Western human rights culture, people are indulgent, unwilling to give birth to the future generation, which results in the ageing and decline of population. China is not an exception. They put forward a ridiculous reason that the earth cannot bear too many people. The earth resources are going to be depleted, so there is the need to reduce the population.

The improved living standards mean that doing the same thing will consume more social resources while many consumptions are totally unnecessary, just serving for the personal luxury pastime, a waste of resources. The cause of this waste is that people’s behaviour lacks overall management and purpose. It seems that people do not know what is the right thing to do.

In my view, nowadays, Chinese people spend large amounts of money on marriage, and raising a child also is heavily costly. They refuse to give birth to and bring up children for the excuse that raising children is too expensive.

But, as we all know, marriage and raising children can be done with a lot of money, but also can be done with very little money, or even at no cost.

In many cases, the behaviour of spending money is the behaviour of consuming resources. I think that nowadays, affected by vanity and comparing mentality, Chinese people just spend money on needless things. The resources are consumed for the unnecessary purpose. But the something that should be done is undone. The responsibility that should be shouldered is shied away from. This is the waste of resources, originating from the irrational allocation of resources, from the problem in people’s minds.

People should bring down the cost of getting married and raising children, and bring up more children. That a couple raise two to three children can ensure a stable population.

The steady and reasonable growth of population is the foundation for economic development. Over 10 per cent growth of Chinese economy in the past stems from the practice in the Mao Zedong era that encouraged birth. It is called demographic dividend. But now the economic slowdown is obviously attributed to the ageing of the population. Because there are not so many children, it is rather difficult to sell many buildings. The declining social rigid demand results in the lower performance of the economy.

From my point of view, as long as people have food, they can survive. All the other things are flexible. Someone proposes that food supply in China can realise self-sufficiency if China plants potatoes in the west region. There is no potato planted just because of the Chinese people’s eating habit.

The problem of population in Western countries is also a matter of ideology. The West needs a cultural transformation. The personal social responsibility should be fulfilled before advocating human rights.

People of every country in the world needs a prosperous, orderly, and happy life. For all sorts of reasons, developments and ideologies of every nation and country on earth are different. Wealth and power are needed to change them.

Mere wealth is not enough. Money cannot be lasting without the protection of power, which is the real wealth.

Thus, the transformation of poverty-stricken areas requires money and power.

We should set up worldwide a wealthy and powerful international organisation to achieve this goal.

The existing United Nations is unconsolidated, more like a commodity trading market for bargaining, rather than a highly efficient organisation. The United Nations can only be used to communicate and contain each other, unable to effectively achieve an objective. In fact, this organisation has no goal.

The problem of Islamic heresy should be addressed first, and then humans need a new goal and to achieve it.

Using the philosophy and ideas of this book can make most people reach a consensus. Based on the philosophy of this book, a global organisation will come into being, which is intended to systematically transform every poor, backward, and evil corner.

First comes the transformation of culture and ideology, followed by the politics and military, and then economic investment. Economic investment must be guaranteed by politics and military. Otherwise it is a waste of money.

All require the wealth of God. We need to use God’s wealth to embrace the reign of God and to uphold the law of God.

I think that for the wealth of God in all countries, that is, the land and mineral income of all countries, 2–5 per cent of them should be part of an international organisation and the fund can be raised through donation and project investment.

The value of this wealth needs to be preserved and increased by investment.

It is mainly used for the ideological transformation in poverty-stricken areas, backward areas, and evil areas, for political party building and military building, and then for economic investment. Work will be done to transform the poor, backward, and evil regions, and drug and violence-plagued regions in a systematic manner.

In the area controlled by the organisation, the money will be used for ecological transformation, resource utilisation, and investment in desert areas. Some countries, such as Israel, can make efficient use of land and desert resources, to convert the desert into an economic producing area and a liveable habitation. This is not difficult, just needs technology, investment and political environment.