84、Anti-foreignism Advocated by Ku Klux Klan Is the Rejection of Civilisation to Ignorance; Terrorist Activities of Islam Is the Hostility of Ignorance to Civilisation

1 March 2016

A reporter asked a question recently, ‘As to the connection made by some people of IS with terrorist organisations, what does Saudi Arabia think of it?’

The Saudi Arabia answered that there are also radicals in Christianity, but they are not on behalf of Christianity. So the radicals in Islam cannot represent Islam either.

1. There is a matter of probability. It is all right that a countable number of radicals cannot represent a religion or an organisation. However, once the number is beyond a normal range, and if radicals in a religion are over a certain number with its region spread excessively, it is not a problem of a few radicals but the whole religion.

The number of radicals in Islam is not small and all the terrorist incidents in the world are linked with Islam. Specifically, all the terrorist incidents in the world are associated with Wahhabi of Islam. This religion, the Wahhabi is defective and it should bear the consequences of all the terrorist incidents.

What’s more, 80% of the Islamic people in the Middle East countries approve of IS. The 80% rating of approval and support is the invincible real reason for the beginning of IS.

With the interference of Russia and the overwhelming situation of Syria, the day of the terrorists has gone, which makes the people turn to support the government forces but not the IS. Under the bombardment, the people are forced by the situation and come to realise that.

So there is inherent connection between Islam and terrorists, which is scientific and is the conclusion from probability and statistics.

2. It is a logical error for Saudi diplomat to mention Ku Klux Klan and IS in the same breath.

Civilisation regarding ignorance and underdevelopment as enemies is reasonable and accords with human nature as well as logic. It is the justiciable human behaviour which is supported by God.

Ignorance and underdevelopment keeping hostile to civilised countries and groups is not in conformity with human nature and logic. It is the behaviour comparable to the devil’s. Ignorance and underdevelopment are devils and heresies and need to be resolutely defeated and cracked down which is also the will of God.

The Al-Nusra Front makes it clearly: ‘They do not want democracy but only Islam law.’

So what the Syrian opposition really wants is not democracy, but Islam law.

They do not fight for democracy at all. They fight just because the government led by the president doesn’t practice Islam law which impedes the implementation of the law. So they only fight for the Islam law but not for civilisation. They strive to recover the evil devil law and doctrine. They fight for the devil.

So it is not my idea to link terrorist organisation with Islam. It comes from the mouth of terrorists and terrorist organisation. The terrorist organisation commits itself to jihad to recover Islam law. Why are there so many terrorist organisations, terrorist activities, and wars all over the world? It is just because they want to recover the Islam law by undertaking the jihad. According to Hadith, Mohammed says that they will process seventy-two virgins after they die.

Ku Klux Klan is to protect civilisation from being encroached on, but Islam is to recover the evil devil law by destroying civilisation. Though both of them can be regarded as religious extremism, they are fundamentally different.

Justified extremism and evil extremism.

Ku Klux Klan belongs to justified extremism. They want to protect civilisation and they think that civilisation is mishandled, so they are extreme. As civilisation in most places of the world is protected and honoured, there is no large-scale infringement of civilisation. So the extreme behaviour of Ku Klux Klan is only showed in a few places where civilisation is encroached upon but not in most areas where there is no mass basis or people’s support. Having no mass basis all around the world and only representing the behaviour of a few people, Ku Klux Klan is treated as individual impulsive behaviour and aggressive behaviour in individual regions without universality and transmissibility. It cannot be raised to the high level of theory and ideology, so Ku Klux Klan is not the reprehensive of Christianity.

However, ‘practicing Islam law all over the world’ is a slogan used by Islam to revile against civilisation with the devil and it is an evil ultimatism. What is more, it is supported by the worldwide Muslims with a broad mass foundation. Devil can be supported on a world scale and it has been raised to the ideology level with universality, transmissibility, and specific theory. That is the religion issue. So the Islamic extremism is the problem of Islam.

In fact, it is very easy and you can ask any Muslim if he supports the Islam law implemented by his country. No one dares to answer that he doesn’t want like that. Because if he says no, he will not be treated as a Muslim and he has to be punished harshly.

But what is ‘Islam law’? It is what the extremism advocates like beheading, throwing people from the high building, suicide bomb and terrorist attack to get seventy-two virgins, which is written in the Koran and Hadith.

Saudi Arabia says Islam is a peaceful religion and proved that by quoting the words of verse 32 in chapter 5 from the Koran: Any wronged killing is like killing numerous people; any kind of saving is like saving numerous people.

A lie needing to be drafted in advance is only functional to the Muslims. People who do not believe Islam should not be full of self-assertion and self-complacence, and feel good about yourselves because those words work not for you.

From verse 33 in chapter 5: ‘People who are hostile to Allah and his Messenger cannot only get penalty of death, being crucified on the cross, cutting off his foot and hand on different sides of body or even deportation as reward. That is what humiliation they suffer in this lifetime and in the next, they will be punish more harshly.’

From verse 36 in chapter 5: ‘If people are granted everything on the earth and their possession is doubled but they have no religion belief, they will suffer painful penalty and their ransom will not be accepted though they give all their possessions to atone their sin on the day of resurrection.’

From verse 37 in chapter 5: ‘They want to go out from Jahannam but they can surly not for their penalty is everlasting.’

From verse 38 in chapter 5: ‘Man and woman who steal things, you should cut their hands to punish them and show the disciplinary punishment of Allah. Allah is almighty and full of wisdom.’

The people who oppose Islam are the ones who regard Allah and his Messenger as enemies. Their feet and hands should be cut and they should be put to death.

People who do not believe in Islam should be thrown into the fire and burnt to death to suffer timeless punishment.

According to the Koran, the hands of the man and woman who steal things should be cut off and that is what Saudi Arabia and IS are doing.

From Islam law, in Western countries, whose hands and feet can be avoided cutting off? Who can run away from being burnt to death in the fire? In addition, they will suffer timeless punishment. It is too troublesome to burn with fire so suicide bomber is works better and it also includes the function of fire. The suicide vest comes accordingly out.

The Saudi diplomats say it is very ridiculous. Is it a ridiculous thing? Islam wants to cut the hands and feet of all the Westerners and people with no religious belief, and then throw them to burn to death in the fire with everlasting punishment. Can you laugh out? If Islam is not a heresy, what is it? It wants to spread its incorrect religion couture. I think all of you are completely mad.