83、Syrian Kurds Should Consolidate So As to End the War

21 February 2016

The situation of Syrian war is very explicit now.

Saudi Arabia funds the various jihadists of Wahhabis, extremists, terrorists, and liberation forces.

Turkey recruits various jihadists, extremists, terrorists, and liberation forces within its boundary; train the jihadists; and provide backup services, material and weapon supplies, petroleum sales channels, and political shelter.

I think in this war, Turkey plays the worst role.

To end the war factually, the ties between Turkey and Syria should be severed.

Yet the ones who can do this are only the Kurds. The Kurdish habitat is completely between Turkey and Syria, and it can segregate Syria and Turkey completely. Moreover, Kurdish people have a large population. They are good at fighting, but they love peace and they are a peace-loving ethnic group. They deserve praises and rewards.

Just because of this, Turkey firmly takes hold of its last section of ties with Syria—a passage at north Aleppo. It used to be the habitat of the Kurds and it should be returned to them. Let the Kurds go and seize it so that all the supports from the demon can be cut off and the war can be ended factually.

Only if the ties between Turkey and Syria are cut off by the Kurds can Syrian war be a real civil war. Otherwise, the Syrian war is a proxy war, a war of the world.

Turkey has done so many bad things and it is the real demon. Western countries should support the Kurds and teach Turkey a good lesson.

Europeans are greatly annoyed by refugee crisis; however, it is the Kurds who can solve the refugee crisis fundamentally, not Turkey. Turkey is actually the troublemaker. It is Turkey that brings the refugees to Europe. It’s a conspiracy of Muslim Brotherhood Emblem. Muslim Brotherhood Emblem wants to occupy Europe, that’s all.

You help the Kurds and refugees will go home; otherwise, the trouble would be endless. You need to give the Kurds the weapons lying in your warehouses, and then make your stance verbally supporting the Kurds to safeguard democracy and freedom. That will be fine. You even don’t need to spend money and things are solved. This is the most cost-effective method.