82、It’s Ineffective to Have Peace Talks with Wahhabi Heresy

27 January 2016

Now the Western countries are all promoting peace talks, while Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria want to facilitate peace talks. In my view, no result could be yielded from the talks.

Peace talks about the conflicts in these regions are different from Iran nuclear talks. Iran nuclear talks centre on interests. Talks on interests are held between humans and a consensus can be reached by the allotment of interests.

Yet the conflicts in Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria are not conflicts of interests, but conflicts of ideology. The talks would yield no result. And there are only victory and defeat on the battlefield.

Talks with Wahhabi Islam are talks with the demon. It’s impossible for humans to have any consensus with the demon. In Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, the war can only be ended by supporting the secular parties to eliminate Wahhabi Islam.

First, let the secular parties come to power through wars. Then bombard all the mosques and destroy all the Korans. True victory can only be won by eliminating Islam ideologically; otherwise, there would only be temporary truce, but no armistice, no eternal ending.

Wahhabi is the cradle of Saudi Arabia; it’s a demon nourished by Western countries. You are daydreaming if you want to put the demon into the bottle by simple talks.