81、Saudi Arabia Impenitence

20 January 2016

Today Saudi Arabia issued a statement in which asking China not to link terrorism with any religion or denomination.

This is pure ‘a guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence, or do bad things and want to get good reputation’.

Islamic cult dominates all of the terrorist organisations, and basically all of the Islam are Wahhabi, which originated from Saudi Arabia.

All of the terrorist organisation are Wahhabi. All of the Wahhabi are terrorist organisations. They are just the same like two sides of the same corn.

A few days ago, I read the news that they executed Sunni terrorists thinking they may have some reflections. But today they refused to recognise that Wahhabi is a cult, a devil, and a terrorist organisation, which states that they do not repent.

They are still the axis of evil, rogue in essence, the devil’s cradle, and need to be eradicated. Saudi Arabia had mustered so many Wahhabi countries to attack Yemen but did not win which also states that they are just a mob with no fighting capacity.

Timing for revolution is very important, if a wall starts tottering, every gives it a shove would be the best timing.

Shias need to immediately launch the democratic revolution in Bahrain to overthrow the Wahhabi tyranny.

Iran should provide weapons for Bahrain’s Shias to launch a revolution.

Monarchy, an inherently outdated rogue domination, plus the Wahhabis’ democracy is ruling the people Bahrain devoid of any merit, oppressing the people cruelly and an immediate revolution is needed to overthrow the tyrannical rule.

A revolution needs to be launched to go to attack Riyadh if Saudi Arabia does not admit its mistakes and refuses to announce the Wahhabis as an evil cult.

Islam needs to expel their unqualified members, Iran should send troops to attack them. Iran and Hezbollah need to surrender to Israel, otherwise, they are also bad children.

All in all, there is no good man in Islam, Wahhabis are a devil that needs to be eradicated. Shia is also a bad man to be criticised for against Israel, contending with God and oppose the Bible.

Shia have certain rationality in their democracy and could communicate with civilised countries from the nuclear agreement made by Iran and civilised countries. The democracy in Shia is feasible that needs to be implemented in Bahrain.

There are problems of democracy in Sunni that without any successful cases, only failed cases.

Egypt’s brotherhood is Sunni Wahhabis’ democracy, pure terrorism, and devil cult.

Wahhabi is a pure devil and needs to be eradicated.