80、Death Penalty Executed by Saudi Arabia Is Legal

4 January 2016

Forty-seven terrorists were killed in Saudi Arabia these days, which annoyed Iran. This event even annoyed those ordinary people of Shia Islam

It is reported that most of those people were executed because they participated in an attack organised by al-Qaeda from 2003 to 2006. Except an Egyptian and a Chadian, all of them were Saudis. Most of them were Sunnis and only four of them were Shias, including famous Shia Nimer.

1. If all people killed this time were Shias, this event would have been a communal conflict with the political power.

However, most of these people killed are Sunnis, which mean that it is a kind of anti-terrorist event.

Saudi Arabia is kind of country believing in Sunnis and especially Wahhabi. They are closely connected with terrorist organisations and face the risk of terrorist organisations’ attacks. This event deserves courage and praise.

Many countries just sentence the terrorists the death penalty as a way to frighten others but do not carry it out. However, Saudi Arabia executed this penalty this time, which is worth the praise.

Great efforts should be spent on searching for terrorists, especially those of Wahhabi. People who have some relationships with those terrorists or feel sympathy for those terrorists should be killed as soon as they are caught. Only in this way will those people who are willing to carry out terrorism realise that it is wrong. More innocent people will be killed if we are weak.

2. The conflict between Iran and Shia is just a Nimer priest. It is admitted that the other forty-six people should be killed.

The priest is a Saudi man. The death penalty carried out by Saudi Arabia is the internal affair of this country. Besides, from the perspective of royalty, there is nothing wrong with it.

It is worth serious consideration that Iran criticises the government of Saudi Arabia for the sake of this Saudi man is a Shia.

We should know what the priest actually did. It is said that he instigated Shia in Saudi Arabia to invade Bahrain.

From the perspective of the regime, the action of dividing the country means betraying the country; death penalty is reasonable and legal.

If Saudi Arabia continues to support Wahhabi and terrorism, it should be overturned. However, it would be better if they change their mind. We should give them a chance.

3. It is wrong for Iran to initiate a conflict for a foreign priest. Although Saudi Arabia has done a lot of evil things, they are doing the right things this time and we should support them.

4. Islam laws are very strict, which even stipulate that how people should go to the bathroom. Therefore, people committing serious crimes like betraying a country will no doubt be put to death.

From the perspective of Islamism, it conforms to the Islamic laws for Saudi Arabia to put people betraying the country to death. The aim of Islamism is to establish a society of order, so we cannot admit the action of betraying the country.

5. Muslim sectarian violence is very disgraceful and only a small part of people are contending for power and profit while not defending the doctrine and truth.

Therefore, Mohammed said, ‘Muslims kill Muslims, both of them are going into the hell.’

6. Every country should manage their internal affairs well.

Only evil things such as Wahhabi countries supporting terrorism and heresy should be interfered. Therefore, the anti-terrorism actions taken by many countries are right, especially that Hezbollah and Iran sending a large number of soldiers and weapons to Syria and Iraq.

It is not right for Wahhabi countries to overturn the regime of Syria and invade Yemen. However, it is not related to the death penalty this time. They are fighting against terrorism inside their own countries and not doing evil things so that we should not interfere with it.

The communal conflict that Shia put the priest to death is unjust; it is just a battle for power.

All in all, there are no kind people in this world. Stalin once said that Muslims are inborn traitors. It can be clearly seen from the example of Nimer. Muslims always put sectarian interests ahead of the national interests. That is to say, only sectarian interests remain in their minds. Therefore, they are inborn traitors.

Germany introduced 100 million inborn traitors so that Germans are kind of busy now.