79、It Is Necessary to Clear Away Islam Gradually and Systematically

22 November 2015

Now Islam has developed into a heresy, so it must be eliminated.

The today’s development of Islam is mainly attributed to the following reasons:

1. Ancient laws are not applicable for modern civilisation.

During the period of ancient nomadic nationality, Islam promoted social development and maintained public order, but modern civilisation is completely incompatible with laws of Islam.

If we use ancient laws to restrain modern people and modern civilisation, it definitely is a devil or heresy.

There were old ladies with bound feet in the early liberation of China. Bound feet were abnormal products in Chinese feudal society. They used a strip of cloth to cover up women’s feet tightly and make feet develop with deformity, since these women were children. Thus, feet of adult women can tear into shoes of 4-year-old children. It is said that such a method can tighten women’s vagina and increase pleasant sensation of sexual intercourse for men. Such culture has been continued for hundreds of thousands of years until the Communist Party liberated Chinese women.

Islam is a behaviour of bound feet in spirit. Islam is even eviler than bound feet.

They force modern people to apply to ancient nomadic laws.

Those people who disobey with it will be decapitated and cut off hands and feet. They even launch terrorism, wars, bomb planes, and attack with dirty bomb and nuclear weapon.

Mohammedans are completely psychopaths.

Nothing is suitable for modern civilisation in the Koran from the beginning to the end. The most typical one is shitting

There is a definite method of shitting for Muslim mentioned in the Koran. They must use the left hand to clean anus, instead of using toilet paper.

Muslims now still use the left hand to clean anus, and I feel sick when I think of it.

If you dare to use toilet paper, you violate the Koran, and you rebel against the orthodoxy, betray Allah, and will go to the hell.

It makes people sick and anti-human by using the hand to clean anus, while the one that uses toilet paper betrays Allah.

In a word, no one is a good man in Muslims, so it undoubtedly needs to clean comprehensively.

2. Petroleum in the Middle East makes Islam becomes a devil from ignorance.

The Middle East has very bad natural environment. Inhabitants here should have become poverty, just like Africa, but petroleum makes the low-quality nomadic people get rich quickly and forget themselves.

Their sudden wealth doesn’t attribute to labour incomes, but girds of God.

The Middle East countries spread the heresy named Islam and vicious ideology to the whole world by utilising wealth of petroleum. In order to promote Wahhabi heresy, Saudi Arabia has donated and constructed numerous mosques almost in all countries and pushed the ignorance and evilness to the whole world. All terrorism in the whole world is completely guided by the leader of Wahhabi, and all Wahhabi is spread by mosques contributed by Saudi Arabia.

Thus, it can say that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Middle East countries are cause of all kinds of wickedness and the axis of evil.

All mosques in the whole world must be dismantled and destroy all the Korans.

3. Western ideology has no justice, is total lack of principles, covers up devil, fears devil, and gangs up with the devil.

Western countries are called as ‘a whore sit upon a scarlet coloured beast’ by God in the Book of Revelations.

Western countries have no justice and principles, which can be observed from their latent rules.

There is one sentence in Western countries: ‘There are three things I have learned, never to discuss with people, religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.’

They never talk about politics and religion with others. They call it as respecting for human rights. As a matter of fact, this is a typical bourgeois idea and an idea of urban petty bourgeois, civil servants, and little people.

Because talking about politics and religion only will do harm to pride of someone and only can bring troubles and damages to them, instead of benefits.

It is exactly because of such the evasive and self-hold idea of urban petty bourgeois makes people ignore justice. They can turn a blind eye for bad things, as long as it can bring benefits to themselves and won’t hurt themselves. Moreover, they have nothing to do, but only can run away scattering in all directions, when they encounter with evil. Moreover, they even accuse of those people who fight with devil.

The most typical case refers to the event that someone recently accuses Trump to help IS to recruit employees, because IS have used conversations of Trump, when IS recruited employees.

Trump fights with the devil, protects justice, protects people, and tells the truth.

On the other hand, people who lie, cheat people ballot, become fear of the devil, dare not to fight with the devil, fear of facing up to the devil, ignore piles of corpses in French theatres, defy anti-human Islam and anti-civilisation, lose sight of ridiculousness, wickedness, ignorance, and brutality of Islam, but reversely accuse people who fight with the devil.

People who accuse of Trump completely have no justice and principle, cover up the devil, become fear of the devil, and collaborate with the devil.

Islam is not terrible and it will be wiped out rapidly, as long as we use a correct method.

They are evil and devils.

Justice certainly will defeat the evil. American blockbusters are shown every day. However, they actually do not trust in justice and defeat of the devil.

I think that we must grasp rhythm to wipe out Islam, handle appropriately, eliminate them with plans and objectives, and use justice power to wipe out the devil.

They will disappear without a trace quickly, as long as we have a correct method, because they are the devil.

First of all, the devil that has been exposed to sunshine must be wiped out, so we can use force to eliminate IS. They are the devil recognised by the world, but many scarlet women and the devil support for them, and provide capital, weapons, and political protection for them. Thus, it is necessary to defeat them by using any weapon and any means.

Secondly, attack of Islam ideology should use justice to attack the evil.

Islam is a kind of ideology, which is ideology of the devil. We shouldn’t make the devil get the goods on us.

So we should speak proper words instead of extreme words, and we should not conduct personal attacks against others without any reason. Justice is the true words. For the problem of their defecating, everyone should and must talk about that to Muslims. ‘It’s sick to and anti-human to clean anus using hands, and it is against Allah to use toilet paper.’

We need to destroy Muslims through making conflicts among them.

Every one speaks these true and just words every day. The devil will naturally vanish without space for living.

Some evils become radical because of their metal collapse. This is common, however, most of people will have self-examination and wake from the sin, because the evil is incapable to combat against justice and truth.

What we need to do is to destroy the evil with mental collapses. We need to act rashly and alert the enemy and draw the enemy. The key lies in good mastery of the dimension and method.

You are so talkative when initiating the peaceful revolution, but why do you become a coward when facing Islam?

If you can take 1% of your enthusiasm about peaceful revolution, Islam will vanish.

There are so many Muslims, most of whom can become benign in certain environments. What we need to do is to kill those who deserve the death.

It depends on our technology and method as for who should be dead and who should be alive.

The best way is collect those who deserve the death in our battle filed, and kill them with an explosion. After those who deserve the death died, the left is the good guy.

However, some bad guys pretend to be good guys. How can we identify them? We need to draw the sake out of its hole.

IS and terrorists in the battle field are the devils and snakes out of the hole. While those who pretend to be the civilians and not to be radical are the snakes in the hole.

I think the battle between Iraq and Syria is going to an end. Those who appear in the battlefield are some snakes out of the hole. Eliminating the snakes is not the end of the war. The end of war lies in the elimination of Islam ideology.

The war ends if all of the mosques in the world are dismantled. If we directly dismantle the mosques, it seems like if we throw the frogs into the boiling water, they will fight like hell.

We need to gradually increase the temperature step by step and boil the frogs to die in the end.

Firstly, we need make the defecating of Muslims a universal topic. When they adjust to the topic of defecating, we need to find a deeper topic so that the Muslims could gradually adjust to the criticism, the sickness and gradually cut to the point. In the end, we need to destroy all of the mosques and make all of them vanish.

In such a process, those who dare combat, and those who are radical are devils and will be destroyed. We will never give mercy to them.

So it is better for us not to stop the radicals to participate the IS, but to throw various kinds of bombs in the battlefield of Middle East. This is the solution to this problem. Preventing Muslims from going to war in Middle East means making the devils stay at their own home. But if we give them freedom, they will do harm to our society, meanwhile it is a waste of food and resource.

We need to try to make devils voluntarily go to battlefield, then throw bomb to them and make them die. This is the effective solution to this problem.

Iraq recently held beauty contest, which serves as an attack culturally. We need to praise it.