78、Analysis of Muslim Fasting for Pork

4 December 2015

The Koran raises clearly that Muslims are forbidden to eat pork, a prohibition as serious as Mushrikeen.

Why did Allah forbid Muslims from eating pork at that time? In my view, it had something to do with reproduction.

At that time, Muslims were Nomads who lived in a much harsher environment compared with the land of fish and rice. Given the harsh living environment and lack of living materials, the nation had to develop stronger fertility, better physical quality and disease resistance so as to reproduce.

According to TCM theory, a lot of animal meat, such as beef and lamb, nourishes human body and improves potency.

Beef and lamb are aphrodisiacs. However, pork is relatively mild. But delicious pork is easily accepted for its good taste. Besides, pigs multiply and grow so fast that their breeding cost is much lower than cattle and sheep. If people are to choose freely under equal conditions, they will have pork as staple and beef and lamb as non-staple for a change.

With abundant living resources, the influence exerted on fertility and reproduction by eating pork does not differ a lot from eating beef and lamb. But for nomadic people who are in short living materials, eating pork may cause a drop in population and in the number of Muslims.

Many lower ethnic groups regard beard as beauty. TCM also takes beard as a symbol of fertility, which represents ample Qi (energy of the human body) of kidney and outstanding fertility.

Meanwhile, women’s veil and burqa also has something to do with reproduction. Veil and burqa obstructs other men from seeing a woman’s face so as to curb their desire for the opposite sex who are not their own wives. Then they will quench their desire on their own spouses for more babies.

Many Islamic countries encourage polygamy, a policy that promotes reproduction. Because a man being able to marry several women must be one who is better-off, aphrodisiac and has more children. However, those who cannot get married must be men who have weak points in terms of economic ability, appearance and potency. By doing so, some unqualified people are eliminated naturally and more babies will be born.

We can see the simple Muslim idea—give birth to more children wholeheartedly and train them into cannon fodder and suicide bombers.

They have produced too many unneeded products—surplus people and pariahs of the society, so they have to reduce their population through bloodshed and death. At the same time, the dead will contribute to the course of Muslim conquest of the world and the Westerners.

These Islamic doctrines for enlarging population through reproduction were set at the beginning of the religion on the basis of the then actual social situation. Now, those ill-timed stuff and troublemakers need to be abolished. The Koran says that Allah wants to destroy the Koran right now.

In the cold weapon age that was economically underdeveloped, the size of population decided a country’s fighting power and national power.

But we have been in the nuclear weapon age and quantum age, and it is the quality of the population, not the size of population that matters.

At the moment, a large population doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes it only means nothing else but more future refugees, more people who need aid, and a large population of low quality.

We have entered the Industry 4.0 times. Factories no longer need so many workers. It is robots that are working.

If those people of low quality try to cause trouble, they will become pariahs need to be dealt with.

Times have changed into one in which the size of population isn’t decisive any longer. Sometimes it even becomes unstable social factors and needs to be suppressed.

In my opinion, Islam should carry out a large-scale religious reform and stop the large-scale reproduction of pariahs of low quality. Muslims should eat pork and turn themselves into cultivated and literate persons.

Muslims should change to pork-eating for less babies. On the contrary, Westerners should eat more beef and lamb for more babies. Or both of you will be in big trouble.