77、EU Financed Turkey $3B for Arms to Back Terrorists

1 December 2015

EU has made a deal with Turkey, requiring it to block migrants out of Europe by offering $3B to it.

It is ridiculous. Turkey is the real boss who has been supporting terrorists by providing them with arms, money, medical service, and logistic service.

It should have cut off terrorists’ capital chain as Russia instead of financing their real boss.

On the one hand, Russia is cutting off terrorists’ capital chain by bombing their oil tankers. On the other hand, EU is offering Turkey a huge amount of money to support terrorists.

What EU has done is self-contradictory with confusion. Wire fences and machine guns on the border are enough to keep migrants out. It is insane for it to hand out $3B, which is actually for terrorists.

On the one hand, France, Germany, Britain, and other countries are sending military personnel to fight terrorists on the battlefield, on the other, EU is providing terrorists with money to buy bombs, guns, and military supplies that are to kill NATO soldiers.

Westerners are so beyond cure that only large quantities of bloodshed can teach them what the Islamic devil is like and who the birds of a feather are.