76、Analysis of Russian Warplane Downed by Turkey

26 November 2015

About the Russian warplane downed by Turkey, we can analyse it on the following several aspects:

1. Self-abandonment

The whole international situation is unfavourable to the Islam cult, and people have gradually realised that Islam is a cult, which is a calamity that must be eliminated. Russia starting to bomb the terrorist organisation is a symbol, and people around the whole are gradually awakened. The true monstrous face of Islam is gradually exposed in front of people, and Islam’s conspiracy to destroy the human being is going bankrupted.

The IS attacking against France shows that the IS are in a desperate and self-abandoning state. They are looking at their end, and they wish to struggle before death.

A few days later, as one of the backstage bosses of IS, Turkey also sees the end of Islam and gets desperate, and it is self-abandoning. Losing its mind, it shot down a Russian warplane.

2. Conclusion

All Muslims are concluding with each other, and none of them is good. The IS perform on the stage, while Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are the backstage chief director, producer, investor, writer, and extra.

All the bad things done by the IS were planned by the old rascals of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

We can say that Turkey and Saudi Arabia helped planning each case done by the IS, including decapitating the American hostage, killings at Charlie Hebdo, massacre at Bataclan Theatre, and Tunisia beach case. They are the chief plotters, while the IS are only the hatchet men. They are on the stage and behind the stage, respectively; one of them shoots, bombs, and kills, while the other provides weapon, capital and logistics guarantee; one of them robs the oilfield, while the other helps him dispose the stolen goods and turn them into cash. One is doing bad things, while the other is pretending to be the good guy, providing political asylum to the bad people.

After shooting down the Russian warplane, Turkey said that they were family with the terrorists, which more indicates that they are concluded.

3. Murderous behaviour

a) The saved pilot said that there was not any warning.

b) In accordance with the flight trajectory provided by Turkey, the plane only crossed the border for seventeen seconds, which was short, unconscious, and non-threatening cross.

c) The plane was shot down within the territory of Syria.

d) The plane was shot down during its return.

e) The plane was suddenly attacked.

f) Turkey admitted that Russia was bombing his ‘family’, and Turkey shot down the Russian warplane for revenge of his ‘family’.

g) Russia bombed the fuel tanker from the IS, which cut off the road for gaining money by the son of the Turkish president.

In accordance with the above analysis, we can see that Turkey’s attack against the Russian warplane was a murder action, rather than self-defence.

4. Turkey is the enemy of civilised countries

In a crime, the chief plotter should assume higher responsibility than the shooter. Turkey manipulated the IS to attack the civilised countries, so Turkey is the enemy of civilised countries.

The influence of attack in France still runs, while you argue favour of our enemy, it’s a kind of betray as well as a crime against our people.

Ball game fans in Turkey cheer for the death and disaster of victims attacked by terrorists in France instead of being sad. This means evil Islam in Turkey and Europe are enemies instead of allies. Although Turkey president and premiere spoke some sweet words about Islam, Islam is still the enemy of our civilised society as a whole.

5. The Western countries are the ‘Whore on the Beast’ described by God in the Book of Revelations (the Holy Bible)

All Western countries only pursue material, profits and enjoyment, while completely neglecting justice and fairness, with no consideration of spiritual civilisation. They have no principle, and they collude with the Wahhabi cult and ally with the devil. After their people were hurt by the devil, they still won’t wake up, and this will anger God.

6. Intensify the contradiction between the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) and Russia

Turkey’s true purpose is to intensify the contradiction between the Western countries and Russia, so that Turkey, the devil, could benefit from the tussle.

The Western countries should kick Turkey from NATO. Turkey is an Islam enemy and devil, which is not an ally. It is an object that should be destroyed.

On the one hand, it puts the IS and jihad to brutally kill the French and European people; on the other hand, it instigates the NATO to go to battle with Russia.

It does not defend the interests of NATO, but a complete troublemaker, conspirator, and destroyer, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.