75、They Are Just Playing Around in Middle East War

25 November 2015

These days, Russia blew up 1,000 fuel tankers and said that the American coalition forces were not really attacking IS.

America leads the union of sixty countries. The superpowers have been attacking those mobs for over a year and foster the development of IS.

Of course, it cannot be said that there has been almost no progress. In my opinion, action of fighting against YPG has reached a great achievement made under the American coalition forces’ support, which helped to recapture many strategic areas.

There are many Kurdish people who fight for their own country. In fact, this absolutely differs from fighting for other people and countries.

No matter whether America fights for their own benefits or aims at eliminating IS; it is worth to praise that Americans lead other countries to fight against Islamic cult.

Furthermore, it is better that someone fights against devils than there is none regardless of the result. First, America adopts a good stance and is more responsible than those countries that wave aside. They show their love for the world, which needs to be spirited up.

The war between Iraq and Syria has been enduring for over a year, which seems to be a war of attrition with a low level. It consumes soldiers and time. Every country and every power has their own plan. They push forward the war based on their purpose.

I think the most important lesson I received over the past year is that I get more knowledge and nature about Islamic cult and hate them more.

In fact, it does not matter who wins. The most important is that we see clearly the nature of Islam. If the world can reach an agreement on the evil nature of Islam, Middle East wars will soon end.

If people, especially in the civilised countries, still think that Islam is one of the three religions in the world and has the freedom of religious belief as Christianity, there will be no point in the sudden end of the war.

As the root of Islam riot has not been eliminated, the war will never end but become worse, influencing the future generations, and letting people live without peace.

However, the root is people’s awareness of the evil nature of Islam.

The war will end soon if we want to eliminate IS. While the problem is that you do not want it to end.

This requires a unification of acknowledge and mind.

If America and Western countries still want to be devil and form alliance with Islam devils, I think it is better for this war to continue and let those people, who deserve to die, go to the hell.

If countries manage their own security issues, travel less, as well as provide more weapons for both sides at war, that would be better.

So how many people will be killed in the terrorist attack initiated by IS?

Actually, the number of the killed is less than those killed by car accidents and much less than those killed by murders. It is much less than those killed by policemen with gun.

Terrorist attack sounds terrified while actually it is not so bad.

‘Thirty-Six Stratagems in Military Science’ of Sun Zi advocates fighting with water shortage, food shortage, fire, and flood in wars.

However, none of these strategies were seen in the war of America with the union of sixty countries against IS. I know this could be called a war, they just played around. However, it is better than that there is nobody playing around.

If civilised countries really want to eliminate Islam, they should employ the most advanced weapons to fight against IS.

It seems that there are electromagnetic pulse bombs, with which people will not be hurt while electronic devices and antitank guided missiles will be destroyed.

If every country in IS region is blown up by these bombs, the war will soon end.

People just hear about this kind of bomb but never see it. We should try it on IS and it will work without doubt. This kind of bomb is better than cluster bombs, it can also decrease death.

Electromagnetic pulse bombs only bring economic costs and paralyze weapons but not cause death.

If we want to end wars, we should apply this kind of weapon in a large scale, paralyzing the fighting ability, making the both sides of the war calm down, and coming back to the reality.