74、The IS Can Be Called a Great Hero as It Seeks a Swift Death Rather Than Cravenly Cling to Life

19 November 2015

I’ve learned the news that the IS has bombed a Russian airliner, launched a raid in France, and killed Chinese hostages these days.

They especially offended the countries that are difficult to deal with and jumped into the pit of fire.

Baghdadi who has been driven to the wall knows that his day has gone and his last hour has come. He hopes to die a hero’s death soon, but he wants to perish together with some scapegoats before his death just as a rabid dog bites the wrong person before its death. Anyone who is bitten will surely die.

He has the true colour of a hero and his name will remain immortal.

In my opinion, people around Baghdadi and people in the areas controlled by the IS should hurry up to escape before the bombs start falling if they do not want to die. Otherwise, Mohammed said, ‘The fire will come down from heaven and burn you all to death.’ The trumpets of Seven Angels in Bible Revelation also convey that God will put the fire down to burn you all to death.

I’ve heard that there is a quota limit for seventy-two virgins and the places have been fully booked. All the people who have been bombed to death will go to hell, so you’d better hurry up to flee for your lives.

The IS is almost finished, followed by the Islam.

These old rogues will be killed one by one.

This is the will of God.