73、From the Views on Politics of Bombers’ Mother, Islam Are All the Bad Guys

17 November 2015

For the Paris attacks, people around the world shock and are concerned it, and they are all clear it is an evil event.

In spite of the world is so concerned, the fact is so clear and the case is so serious, the gunman’s mother still defended her son. ‘She said that her son is a good child, because of the pressure of life, her son only found a way to vent some of the dissatisfaction with the community.’

This is the true idea of Muslims to terrorism. Because the old lady is a no culture, no scheming ordinary Muslims.

The gunman’s mother have no slightest hint of remorse and repentance. Instead of it, she put the blame on the community. Defend the devil.

From this it can be seen in the Muslim world is all in with thieves, all are terrorists, all are the devil.

The Muslim doesn’t have any common language with the civilised society. The devil has the devil’s way of thinking, the behaviour logic. The terrorist attacks in the eyes of Muslims are different from ordinary people. So the human and the devil look like living in the same time and space but in fact it is totally two different worlds.

Because of this, the human beings completely need to get rid of the devil. The human beings do not co-exist with the devil. All the Muslims are the devil. They are all the sympathy and support of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

A few months ago, when you saw a child drowning in the sea, you had a wide range of sympathy for the devil. Eventually piles of French body bloody show in the eyes of the entire world. In case of the French president who has no run fast, and his life has lost in the hands of the ‘Muslim good boy’. Others are not so lucky, they die in the streets.

I want you to think about the views and attitudes of the mother of the Muslim gunman seriously, realise the Muslim again.

Don’t be fooled ignorantly and ridiculously by the children of lying on the sands. Those who supported Muslims just because of that drowned boy, your candle and wreath are useless. You should find a place alone and slapped your own face hardly. Shame and regret for your folly and absurdity, angry at the evil of Muslims.

This is the result of not listening to me. If you don’t take my advice, more penalties will come.

I said before, you French died twelve was too little, when in the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, not enough to enable you to repent, not enough to enable you to see the Islamic nature of the cult.

Now there are hundreds of people, I see if you can repent and can see the essence of Islam.

Now you say that is a problem of terrorism, so I think you still cannot recognise that this is entirely the sins of the Islamic cult. May also more large-scale terrorist attacks, more lethal death events will make you clear.

It is a war against Islamic cult, this is not a joke.

The cult of Islam is the devil and they not belong to the human, you can clearly see this from the murderer's mother.

Today Turkey football fans boo and chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ during silence for Paris victims. This is not a few fans of individual behaviour, but the majority of the Turkish fans to the universality of behaviour, and then foreign leaders was also present.

It can be proved that Islamic cultists are all in with thieves, no one is a good man, the dominant Islamic regime, all need to be overthrown, they are the axis of evil. Rogue essence. They are all the devil.

They are the common enemy of mankind.