72、We Should Criticise and Crack Down Islam Fiercely in an Ideological Sense

16 November 2015

After France was attacked by terrorists, French fighters bombarded the IS.

Bombing and extermination is crucial, yet the problem of Islam is an ideological problem rather than a material issue. Hence, combatting from the material level can only incur petty harm without destroying its core. That will definitely not assault the devil itself.

The war waged against Islam shall be an ideological war.

If someday the Western world criticises and attacks Islamic ideology in full swing, that will signify the possible settlement of the problem.

If the blow of Islamic heresy is only launched against several extremist organisations, it still needs a long way to address the problem of terrorism. There will be other ‘masterpieces’ and ‘action films’ to be played. And the Westerners will bleed. What a reality show!

Public opinion exposes the devil to public evaluation and the judge of justice.

You Westerners blinded by the US, worship human rights, freedom of religious belief, and freedom of devil belief. You give a legal outerwear to the devil and hide it in your house.

What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. The devil is the devil. The truth shall be revealed no matter what is hidden and concealed.

Islam is wicked, absurd, dirty, ignorant, uncultivated, anti-scientific, and anti-human. Why can't we discuss this? Our silence will hide the devil in our house.

The hacker union Anonymous could have done a lot of efficient stuff.

Yet they only delete a few twitter accounts. That is nothing to do with combating terrorist organisations, just adding a little inconvenience to them.

Their act has not cause serious injury and has not shattered Islamic essence and soul.

Ideology is the issue of thoughts and the issue of information. The Anonymous’s biggest resource is information, but they cannot make full use of it or do not dare to use or know how to use this resource.

Eradicating terrorist groups is to eradicate Islam. Eradicating Islam is a battle of public opinion, information, culture, and ideology.

The hacker group Anonymous shall, in purpose of wiping out Islamic ideology, start a public opinion, internet, cultural, information, and spiritual attack, which is the justice the internet hackers should uphold and the act to save the earth. Deleting some twitter accounts is meaningless.

You should modify my articles about Islamic heresy, render into various languages, and send them to all countries and all emails.

Over time, the Islamic heresy will collapse. Their organisation and terrorist groups will disappear for good. This is the real deed to help God, to uphold justice, to save your nation, to save the world, and to save the earth.

What you previously did is paediatrics and a joke.

The Islamic terrorists are poor men without knowledge and culture. Not more than 10% of them can use the internet. They do not have internet and there is no use to wage internet attack.

Sending the information and email to all the people in the world and disclose the Islamic evil and wicked nature. This is the meaningful act, which can crack down the devil, save the misled, motivate more integrate person to attack the demon.

If this thing is to be handled by the government, it will shoulder a lot of pressure. Internet hackers are the most suitable group for doing this stuff. They will not face political pressure and can spread the news very fast with lower cost.

Combating Islam is not a treat but rather a war. If you do not act today, you and your family may be beaten to death tomorrow.

It’s a war between God and Satan, a war between justice and evil.

And the point is what your role is in the war, which side you stand by and who you support.

Only in this way this hundreds of French can die valuably, otherwise, their death is worthless. After a while, people will totally forget them like nothing has happened.

Their death should bring the collapse of Islam in return. This will be valuable to all the people and the whole world.