71、Islam Shall Be Defined an Illegal Cult Worldwide

15 November 2015

A series of bloodsheds in France yesterday led to heavy casualties, but I think the French people still fail to understand the essence of matters.

The French president announced that this was an ‘IS war on France’.

It’s incorrect. It’s not a war launched by the IS, it’s an invasion and war on civilised nations by the Islamic world and the Islamic heresy.

They read the same scripture, the Koran.

They pay respects to the same idol, Allah.

They wear the same style dresses.

They don’t eat pork.

The Islam is no difference to the IS.

The Islam without guns is in the incubation period of cancer.

However, the gunned Islam is the spreading cancer cell and a devil.

Superficiality cannot be used to judge things. It is just the external reflection of things and we shall see through the essence from the phenomenon.

The essence of the terrorist attacks is that Islam is a cult, a devil, which needs to be banned immediately and resolutely eradicated. All mosques shall be blown up. We shall burn all editions of the Koran and Hadith.

The Koran makes clear that ‘if Allah desires, he will destroy the Koran’.

Now it’s time to do it. Islam has turned a real heresy. This is the will of Allah, as well as the will of God, which must be done.

1. France shall announce the Islam illegal right away.

2. Close all mosques.

3. The Koran is an evil banned book. We shall take over all of them and destroy them in a concentrated way.

4. All native Muslims from the illegal states shall be all expelled.

5. All French Muslims shall be jailed with indoctrination through labour until they convert their faith and eat pork every day.

6. So Muslims are not allowed to hold weapons and must turn them over at once. Otherwise, they will be terrorists and immediately executed on the spot.

7. All Islam sympathisers shall undergo education through labour till they mend their ways.

8. Overthrow all Islamic countries to make them secular. Finally eradicate Islam.

9. It’s a must to exterminate all IS.

10. The transformable Muslims shall be given a chance to live, while the stubborn ones shall be put to death.

Saudi Arabia condemned the terrorist attacks in Paris. This is bullshit. Generally, after the murderers commit a crime, they will go to the scene of the crime to check their results. The Wahhabi cults in the world are instigated, controlled, and supported with funds and weapons by the Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the evil backstage manipulator and the general director of the world terrorist attacks.

IS just perform in front of the stage, while the evil backstage manipulator is the entire Islam cult. They are general directors, producers, planners, screenwriters as well as extras of the world terrorist attacks.

It’s useless for you to destroy one or two actors. The Islamic cult will unceasingly recruit more actors for more performances and more horror dramas. It’s endless. Westerners, enjoy it slowly.

When we express sympathy for the victims you suffer, we will give the producer and director an Oscar prize, encouraging them to continue with better plays.