70、It Seems That French Can Only Quell the Anger of the Islamic Jihad If They Worship Allah Six Times a Day and Start to Eat Mutton Sausage Instead of Pork

14 November 2015

The old Arabic fable story told so:

One day, a frog and a scorpion met at the side of the Nile, they both wanted to cross the river. The frog showed it was willing to help the scorpion to cross the river under the condition that the scorpion shall not bite it. The scorpion agreed, and also proposed that the frog shall not drown it. They both agreed with each other’s condition and crossed the river. However, the scorpion bit the frog eventually.

‘Why do you do this,’ the frog asked while it was dying.

‘Because we both Arab, aren’t we?’ the scorpion answered.

There is also another version of the same story published on Al Ahram.

The scorpion wants to cross the river, so it asks help from the frog. The frog asked, ‘What if you bite me?’

‘If I bite you, we both will be drowning,’ the scorpion answered.

The frog thought that it made sense, so it carried the scorpion and got into the river. At the middle of the river, the scorpion bit the frog. At the moment they both sank, the frog asked the scorpion, ‘Why do you still bite me with the consciousness that we both can be drowning?’ The scorpion answered reluctantly, ‘Because we are in Middle East.’

Chinese always believe that return good for evil in accordance with Buddhist thought.

It is a similar story as ‘the farmer and the snake’ in China.

When the farmer met the snake, it was already frozen. So the farmer helped the snake out of compassion, just as the awareness of human rights in modern Western society. We all know the end of the story, that is, the snake poisoned the farmer. The lesson should be that we shall kill the evil thoroughly.

Bad guy in China is the one who seduce the good ones who take the initiative to take the bait, while Islam is the evil that tricks the good ones by swelling and cheating.

The ancient Islam evil is cheating, taking advantage, then killing.

Modern Islam evil is cheating, pretends to be poor, and gets the compassion and help, then kills both the good one and itself. Die together, and then go to another world together. Barbarian gets kindness from civilised people, and then kills both of them.

Here we are coming to a conclusion, that the scorpion is Middle Eastern ethnicity, showing the essential of Islam, that it is heresy with jihad purpose.

Islam, Middle Eastern ethnicity, scorpion, worse than viper and devil.

Now you can see why those Middle East countries refuse to take refugees from Middle East, because both Arab and Middle East ethnicity know refugees are the scorpion. Showing mercy to them will end up with death.

All you American and European sissies still cannot see the truth of it, while showing your democracy.

Today it comes to you, it proves for you.

Today, when France was having a soccer game with Germany, they killed many of you. It is called the most horrible attack in history, but it is not the end, it is just a beginning.

So we can see that it can kill you if you don’t have been educated with knowledge.

Europe should print the story of the frog and scorpion, and let everyone have a copy of it, while remarking that scorpion is refugees and Islam.

My opinion is that French can only quell the anger of the Islamic jihad if they worship Allah six times a day and start to eat mutton sausage instead of pork. Because Islam worship Allah five times a day. So French should worship one more time than this.

In addition, it is bad that French like to eat pork sausage.

It seems you French eat too much pork sausage and it’s time to change it into mutton sausage.

And of course black robe and veil. Don’t forget a full beard, it is the most basic one.