69、Houthis Armed Forces Should Attack Saudi Arabia and Overthrow the Saudi Wahhabi Evil Regime

9 November 2015

Recently, Houthis armed forces have won the victory in the war against the Saudi-led coalition forces.

Saudi-led coalition forces equipped with the world’s most advanced weaponry attacked the Houthis militia organisation but was defeated, indicating that God stood on the side of Houthis armed forces and Saudi-led coalition forces were doomed to fail however they carried out the attack.

The main reasons are listed as follows:

1. Saudi Arabia is the axis of evil, the birthplace of Wahhabi, the birthplace of devil, the supreme headquarters against God, and the rogue distribution centre around the world.

2. The 9/11 incident in the United States was proved to be funded by the Saudis.

3. In the Syrian War, the funds and weapons of most opposition rogues and devils were provided by Saudi Arabia.

4. The terrorist organisations around the world all belong to the Wahhabi cult invented by Saudi Arabia and they are dominated and instructed by Saudi Arabia, which is the axis of evil.

5. The IS is the world’s largest Wahhabi organisation. The participation of the coalition forces of US organisations as well as the gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar aims to tip off terrorist organisations and perform double-dealing tactics instead of fighting against any terrorist organisation. And now, they have all slipped away quietly.

6. That Saudi Arabia organised the gulf countries to invade Yemen is a sectarian conflict launched by the Wahhabi cult, which aims to eliminate the mankind against the devil and achieve the delusion that the devil rules the world.

7. Russian aircraft explosion also done by Wahhabi is the largest terrorist attack after the 9/11 incident.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia is the axis of evil as well as the birthplace of devil around the world and should be eradicated and exterminated immediately.

As it turned out, Saudi Arabia did not have the fighting capacity at all, but only spent money in buying thugs, mercenaries, rogues, and punks. For its evil purpose, Saudi Arabia asked those people to work themselves to death, serve as cannon fodder, and go to hell to find seventy-two virgins. Obviously, Saudi Arabia did not know how to fight at all. Consequently, Houthis armed forces are fully capable of overthrowing the Saudi evil regime to eradicate the devil for the world.