68、Mid-air Bombing of the Russian Aircraft

7 November 2015

The mid-air bombing of the Russian aircraft recently was another accident directed by heretics of Islam.

Islam is a heresy. All Muslims are devils. They make anti-humanity and anti-civilisation terrorist attacks all over to realise the rule of Islam in the whole world.

It has been repeatedly proved.

However, some countries are still captivated by democracy, human rights, freedom, and other foolish theories. They help the heretics invade Europe, migrate to Europe, and search for jobs for them.

You are crazy! You are mentally disordered, unable to see through the nature and truth of matters. You are assisting devils, poisoning your motherlands, residents, and offspring.

A heresy is as it is, so are the devils. Though they wear human skins and dresses, they are devils in the innermost being.

No one of Islam is a good man. They shall be eliminated and rooted out. Islam shall be immediately announced as a heresy. The Muslims shall all be driven out of Europe and the civilised society. Those who resist shall be killed with lawful authority.

Without decisive actions, you will be the next victim.