67、We Should Reason with the Islamic Heresy Before Cracking It Down

26 October 2015

Recently some families in Srebrenica are preparing to go to court in Europe.

This is typically ridiculous.

1. The slaughter to Muslim in Bosnia and Herzegovina at that time was against the people but the devil. It was a defensive of culture, which is not guilty but meritorious. It was permitted by God.

2. It is unreasonable and illegal for the Western countries and Srebrenica families to judge and charge former leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. What they did is ganging up with the devil and helping it to persecute human beings.

3. We should try peaceful means before resorting to force to the Muslim heresy. We should promote theoretical propaganda and criticising first. If we fail, then we can resort to military force to eliminate them. This is a comparatively reasonable method.

Some of them may repent and regret all of a sudden under the calling of justice and truth to abandon the evil heresy and regain their human nature. This is the best. Somehow good things do not happen very frequently. It is indispensable to slaughter the devil.

There is a Chinese idiom that goes like ‘repeated words’ and ‘try the peaceful means before resorting to force’. We should finish reasoning before resorting to force.

If we resort to force directly without reasoning, we’ll be on the suspicion of murder. After all, it is not good to open fire directly without offering any chance to the enemy.

Civilised men are educated and reasonable. We should reason first as long as there are some reasons. This is the manifestation of culture, of knowledge, and of civilisation.

We can only open fire after we reason with the enemy. This is the truth, the right way, and mercy as well—Buddhism.

It is nonsense reasoning with the devil in most cases, which ends in vain. Yet Hitler made a good point by saying that the repetition of a lie over ten thousand times makes a truth.

Since a lie can become a truth over the ten-thousandth repetition, a truth can better make a truth with less than ten thousand times’ repetition.

The speaker does not mean anything while the listener is interested. If something is repeated often enough, it will catch someone’s attention and their belief. It will become a truth when it has enough people believing it.

Therefore, gossip is a fearful thing. A lie repeated often enough will be accepted as truth. We should make good use of it.

The fight against the devil mainly exists in the realm of spirit, and it is an ideological fight.

To change one’s ideology and spirit is to spread the idea, the theory, and the language, and to reason. Thus it is better to resort to words to fight the devil than weapons.

The devils are suicidal bombers, who used seventy more virgins that are not afraid of death. But people from Western countries are afraid of death mostly.

What scares the Islamic heretics most is the spiritual attack. Just like the devil perishes when seeing the sunlight. So the best way is to avoid the enemy’s strengths and attack their weaknesses.

We need to forbid the Islamic heresy in law, attack them in the media, expel them out of the country, and enforce economic sanction on them.

Western countries have so many propaganda machines, which can be started to report the evildoings of the Muslim day after day. The evildoings. The heretics cannot defeat or outspeak us, so they can do nothing but surrender and vanish into smoke. The Islamic heresy will be gone completely.

If we report the scandals of the Muslims, we should see through the phenomenon to perceive the essence. We should give a deep analysis and careful study on the ugly performance of the Muslims. Then we should forbid the Islam in law and provide military support to the opponents against the heresy to secularise and illegalise the heresy.

The Islamic looks powerful, but they are heretics and cannot stand any strike or a beam of sunlight. They cannot withstand any consideration, discussion, or study.

If human beings would like to make them disappear, they will disappear once and for all within a short time.

1. As for Israel, we should also reason first and then open fire.

You deny reasoning by asking for the world to direct recognition of your foundation on corpses. It is unreasonable.

Israel wants to reason with those opponents worldwide by propagandising the Bible and the will of God. Then they will open fire and start the war.

2. The fierce bombing onto the Middle East areas is necessary. It is written by Mohammed in Hadith. Mohammed said, ‘The fire will drop down from the sky.’ It is written in the Bible, Revelation 8, 7, that ‘the first angle sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth’, which refers to the fierce bombing upon the Middle East Muslim.

Therefore, it is God’s will and the will of Allah to bomb the Muslim. It is an action of justice.

3. The whole world should oppose Muslims on a clear-cut stand in the realm of spirit and propaganda. We should make firm decisions to completely destroy Muslims from the earth. This has to be done and this is the best way to reduce casualties. If we cannot destroy Islam in the realm of spirit, we will have to face Islam in the battlefield.

We don’t need weapons to destroy what we can destroy with words. And Islam can only be destroyed by words. Weapons can only suppress the devil for the moment rather than forever.