66、Syria Only Has the Devil With No People

24 October 2015

The only way to be defined as the cult is the merciless conflict, brutal struggle, violent bombing, and brutal killing.

The war in Syria is like Assad said: it is a war that does not belong to Syria. Why does it not belong to Syria? Because it is the devil’s war. They call it the holy war. In fact, it’s a vicious and evil war. It is a war between the devil and the human.

People with human consciousness should support Assad to fight with the devil. They should help Assad give the Islamic devil a clean and spare none, then sit down and talk about the thing of humans.

If the people who fight with Assad are successful, they will wage a bigger war against civilisation and humanity.

The American 9/11 attacks, France Charlie Hebdo event, Thailand’s Erawan Shrine, violence case in Kunming railway station, terrorist attack in Tunisia beach, beheading of Western hostages and wire rods are covered with heads.

Muslims do all the above things; Muslims are the devil. They are some of the devils in the human skin.

For Muslims, they must not be called people. They are just the devil; they are not human. The devil has no human rights and the devil is more unable to grasp the political power. So the Islamic regime needs to be overthrown. Let them have secularisation; Islam is the illegal cult.

Earth can be peaceful. The devil can be put into the bottle. Otherwise the earth will be ruled by the devil. The devil is not the people, it cannot speak of democracy. To the devil, except for suppression, slaughter, and the clean-up, there is no other way.

The Assad regime is only the awakened of the evil cult; they want to get rid of the devil’s control, which leads to the devil’s revenge and kill. The devil wants Syria to return to the devil’s control. So the devil gathers the whole world’s devils to fight in Syria.

Your children and relatives at home, once they are deluded by the devil, they will not listen to your words. They immediately become the devil to go to Syria to fight and do the human bomb.

So many governments have to cancel the passport of the underage. It tells all about it. Normal human beings will not be funded to go to Syria as the human bomb. Only the devil has the power to make people instantly become the devil and do something incredible.

If you don’t want your child to become a devil, please support Assad’s army to destroy the devil. Assad did not oppress any of the people, he just eliminates the devil.

Assad is helping God to destroy the devil. Assad and Russia to destroy the devil is God’s will, it is the act of justice. They are serving God. They didn’t kill anyone. They just send the devil to the place where they should go.