65、Shia Is Returning to Rationality, While Sunni Is Pure Neuropathy, Devil, and Heresy

1 October 2015

Judging from the recent performances, Iran seems to be returning to rationality. The incumbent president of Iran is being engaged in rational works, for the interest of Iran and Shias, dealing with problems rationally and practically.

The election of Iranian president is the result of democracy, that people determine their leader by election. And this is a democratic success.

‘Democracy is not the best direction, and not the worst’, this is greatly reflected in Iran.

Of course, it is America’s economic sanction that leads Iranians to return to rational thinking, and that makes them start to think over how to choose between the heresy doctrine and the material interests.

To humiliate the cowards is actually helping them regain their self-esteem.

The main problem in Iran is ‘anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and theocracy’.

Those with habitual thinking would oppose Israel from invading Palestine, while those with logical thinking would habitually be opposed to the Jew.

Because in order to expel Arabians from where they had been living for a long time, and to establish a state there, the Jews would definitely do something horrible and inhuman, which would arouse people’s habitual opposition.

Therefore, the anti-Semitism is just a kind of habitual thinking, and ordinary thinking for Iran, though it had made some strategic and directional mistakes, which brought them a disaster.

It is God’s will to allow Jews to establish a state in Palestine and against Israel is actually against God, which would bring about punishments from God.

The United Nation is stilling raising the Palestinian flag these days. You are not helping the Palestinians but driving them to the wall, making them live under muzzle and gunfire forever.

If you really want to help Palestinians, you should require them to surrender to Israel and help them migrate to other places, as refugees, or as immigrants.

Because the land didn’t belong to the Palestinians but to Israel, which is so clearly written in the Bible that no one can change it.

God was going to forgive the Jews and let them return to Palestine to rebuild their state.

Anyone who was opposed to Israel was trying to alter God’s will, and the blasphemy would definitely incur punishments from God, including Iran and Shia.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is actually the conflict between the Jews and Arabs, while Iran is Persian, and you have nothing to do with this. You’d better not get yourself in trouble for something totally not related to you, and even offend God.

What you need is just a peaceful conversation between the Israeli and Palestinian. But the problem now is that many totally irrelevant people are pretending to be saviours to fight against God and save the Palestinians in your own way, which would only deepen the contradictions and get yourselves in trouble. You pushed Palestinians to the battlefield, to the volcanic crater, to the muzzle and gunfire, while you are just onlookers, making sarcastic comments, which were definitely unable to solve the problem. This is the so-called ‘Western hypocrisy’.

This is not only for the Western, but also for the world, who are flaunting to be charitable but can never solve the problem.

The Jew had to establish a state in Palestine; otherwise, God would punish them much fiercer than ever before. This is God’s will.

Iran should not be blamed in anti-Americanism, because both Shia and Sunni are required to go against America according to the Islamic doctrine.

Those Sunni countries do not go against America because they are all monarchy in which though the people are against America, the kings and chieftains would carry out a pro-American diplomacy for their own benefits and for extravagant and corrupted lives.

The reason why they become pro-American is not the doctrines of Islam but for their luxurious lives. In order to assert dominance, kings and chieftains of these countries take advantage of strict doctrines of Islam to rule their people by trick and intimidation.

They are against democracy, freedom, and humanity such that they have persecuted, oppressed, fooled, and intimidated their people cruelly.

And these kings and chieftains of Islam are clearly who utilised and colluded with America and other Western countries flaunting ‘democracy, freedom, and humanity’ for petroleum profits. They are the people who were considered as unprincipled and immoral ‘jezebels’ in the Bible.

Taliban, IS, and other terrorist organisations were supported and cultivated by America to reject the Shia Islam, however, all of which became the firmest, and the most stubborn, powerful, and destructive anti-Americanism organisations force eventually.

There is no any solution to this worldwide disordered situation, because no man is real good all the time. People all do evils for their private interests, ignoring justice and fairness.

It’s necessary to go against America in the view of Islamism. Nevertheless, from the perspective of benefits, America had done the right things for the best interests of his nation and people, for it has created wealth for American people, which is the grandest beneficence.

Islamism has been out of date, which should be thoroughly abolished after 2012. This is also God’s will.

Muslim has followed the Islamism according to the Koran for a thousand years, and they have completed the mission and have shown loyalty to God.

Now that the mission has been completed, it is time to abolish the doctrine. We need a totally new thinking mode and lifestyle. This is also God’s will.

So Iran shouldn’t be anti-Americanism for the Islamism anymore, but for the interest of the nation.

Theocracy has been out of date as well, which should be abolished.

The Shia Iran has entered a positive direction, while the Sunni is still an out-and-out neuropathy, devil, and heresy.

And for ‘devil and heresy’, there is no other way but slaughter, assault, and bombardment.

Thus, we are supposed to ignore the ‘slaughter, assault, and bombardment’ occurring in the Islam district.

It is eliminating the devils, instead of killing people.

The word ‘people’ should not be used on Islamite anymore. They are not people but devils.

They have no idea what is ‘people’s interests, reason, and rationality’, but only heresy doctrine and the devil doctrine, while the only communication way to them is ‘slaughter, assault, and bombardment’. They would bow to nothing but blood, skull, and death.

Thus, what Americans and Westerners said about how many people Syria had slaughtered is totally nonsense and irresponsible. There is only terrorist in Syria, but not people, and only the devil in the Middle East.

Syria has never slaughtered people but eliminated devils. All the Muslim cannot be called people but devils, for both adults and children, and there is not any difference between them. For devils, it has nothing to do with the age. There is no any difference between those with guns and without guns, who are simply different in fighting capacity but totally the same in essence as devils.

Therefore, the war in Middle East couldn’t be stopped until all those who should die would die so that the world can be restored peaceful.

Otherwise, as the devils’ abilities increase, the science and technology develop, and the human’s destructive power grow, our civilisation is bound to be destroyed. Humans will certainly die out if the devils are not eliminated thoroughly, which is only a matter of time.

Do not think that every time you encounter a crisis, there would be a chance for negotiation as Iran did. It would never occur anymore, and for humans, there is no second chance.

The right and wrong, the gratitude and grudge, all of them should be ended today.

To be devil or human, the choice has to be made now.