64、The Rogues Have Their Own Scampish Logic

24 September 2015

The logic of the Europeans to accept the refugees is their kindness to help the poor and disadvantaged, and it shows their sympathy on the sufferers, they call this kind of behaviour as ‘humanism’.

Just as those dog lovers, they love their dogs, so they require the rest in the world to love dogs as well. It is very normal that one loves pet, but different people have different preferences: some people like cats, some people like dogs, some people like pigs, some people like rats, while some people even like snakes.

However, if you require the rest to have the same emotion to pets as you do, ask everyone else to do the same thing, and even wish they could change their preferences because of you, then it is the thought of heresy and violates the thought of other people’s human right, just as if you want to force them to believe in the same region as you do.

The Mohammedan force others to believe in Mohammedanism, and it is heresy.

So some Europeans have sympathy on the migrants and accept them, but they require everyone to love and accept the refugees, then it forces others to believe in their faith. This belongs to the behaviour of heresy that violates human rights.

1. Some Europeans think accepting the refugees is a kind behaviour.

2. Some Germans think accepting the refugees is a behaviour to atone for their crime in the Second World War.

In the Second World War, the slaughter of the Jews is not a crime, and it is believed to be the willing of God. The Jew didn’t follow the doctrine in ‘the Bible’ and found a nation in Pakistan. They were indulged in pleasure, plundered the wealth of other nations, and showed no mercy on them. God wants to punish them, so the Germans were assigned by God to execute the punishment.

Because the Jews are smart, and they started to exploit the other nations when they arrived at the place of other nations, which arouses social contradictions and unfairness, they began to exploit their citizens after founding their own nation in Pakistan and allow the existence of no other nations for peace.

Most social orders in the world are established by the Jews. Although the social economy has developed, social unfairness still exists, and God is not satisfied with it.

3. Some people in Europe think the acceptance of the immigrants can solve the problem of population shortage and the shortage of labours.

Whatever the Europeans think, the opinions between the Mohammedan and the European are different.

1. The Muslims don’t think the Europeans do things for mercy, but for expiation. The Europeans caused Middle East wars, so they need to atone for their crimes. That’s why the Europeans should solve the problem of the refugees, because they owe them and must compensate them.

2. The Muslims think they are not solving the shortage of population in Europe, but because the Europeans have problems in breeding, and their breeding capability is not as stronger than the Muslim. The Muslims aim to save the Europeans.

3. Those so-called immigrants are not war refugees but economic immigrants. They went to Europe for gold, not to avoid wars. Thus, they are not escaping from war, not to find job and make money in the area that is most beneficial to them economically. They won’t have any more interest in those unhealthy countries. You are worthless in the eyes of the Muslims.

4. The Muslims have the same thoughts as the IS. Except for making money in Europe, another more important mission is ‘jihad’. They indicate to occupy the Europe by immigrating to the Europe, and they take this as the first step to conquer Europe, which could be regarded as another form of ‘jihad’. The Muslims occupy, reconstruct, and conquer the Europe through the Koran. This is a demon’s idea.

The problem of the Westerns is they have lived a comfortable life for a long time that they cannot understand the thought of the demon, the heresy, and the Islam, and they want to control others with their minds wishfully.

Some people even want to impose their visual and impractical thoughts on others. This is a very pathetic, silly, innocent, and evil thought.

If people cannot understand the thought of the demon, and don’t know where the demons are, it would be impossible for them to conquer the demons.