63、US Syria Draft Failure Shows That All Muslims Are the Same and None of Them Is Good

17 September 2015

Americans were ready to draft in Syria against the IS, but in the end, only a few people were at war.

It’s not that the United States failed, but indicated that all Muslims are extremists, none a good man. The Middle East war needs not to stop. The dead are damned no matter which faction they belong to. It’s a just behaviour to let the bad guys to attack each other, dying in the war.

The world can’t be peaceful until all the bad guys are dead.

The United States tried to recruit moderate oppositions in Syria, but there was no participant. And all rushed to Europe to poison the people of Europe and spread the cult of Islam there.

They raped German women, threw away the food the French gave them, tried to establish Muslim communities in occupied Germany areas, threw the Christians into the sea to be drowned, and transported a large number of guns and ammunition to Europe, which fortunately were intercepted by the Greek customs. Terrorists come to Europe posing as refugees and they want to reinvent Europe through jihad.

Muslim has a downright rogue nature and is an axis of evil.

Why didn’t the father of the drowned child participate in the US moderate opposition against the so-called enemies who caused their suffering? They are not refugees at all, and they fled to Europe just to make more money, live a better life, transform Europe, and bring Islam and terrorism to Europe.

Opinion polls show that 80 per cent of Muslims in the Middle East all support IS, because they are the same with a common ideology and they do not oppose the IS at all.

Europe shelters those moderate opposition forces participating in the US organisations against the IS, hoping to combat evil people to form their own country. They are the very people who need help from civilised nations. Otherwise they are terrorists, pro-terrorist families, or families that support terrorists. They are the devil and should receive a punishment from God. They should die on the battlefield instead of being sheltered.

Some people said that the failure of US Middle East policy has led to terrorism, which is wrong. The United States did not cause terrorism, and Muslim’s born terrorist, which is written clearly in the Koran. The person is a terrorist whoever acts according to the Koran.

The United States is here to save the world, not to bring disaster in the Middle East. If Iraq, Iran or other Islamic extremist countries had nuclear weapons, that would be the end of the world. America saved the world by avoiding national terrorism, and terrorism is limited to the range of non-governmental militias.

I think North Korea has nuclear weapons, but it was used to frighten people, as small loach can’t afford to lift big waves. Do you have the ability to do something big to let God see?

This can be seen from the fact that the Middle East does not exist moderate opposition.

After 2012, the destruction of Islam is permitted by God and Allah, which is the will of God and Allah.