62、Mecca Masjid’s Being Struck by Thunderbolt and Collapse Is Allah’s Revelation to Muslims

12 September 2015

The Mecca Masjid is the largest mosque in the world, and lightning stroke is Allah’s common punishment and revelation to evil person.

What Allah approves and loves shall receive asylum and blesse from Allah. What Allah is extremely angry about and disapproves will be punished.

Allah strikes Mecca Majid by lightning and leads to the death of more than one hundred people; this is the biggest warning on Islam.

Allah is extremely dissatisfied and angry at all the actions of Muslims and Islam. Allah is to ruin Mecca Masjid, ruin the Koran, and ruin Islam.

Mosque is a place where Muslims worship Allah, and mosques of whatever denominations are places for communicating with God. And you Muslims often blow up mosques by yourselves because of sectarian conflicts.

This shows that Islam is hopeless and has much disrespect for Allah.

You do not have to take actions by yourselves this time, and Allah does it by himself and uses thunderbolt and death to give you revelation to express disappointment and anger towards Muslims.

Islam is the most evil, dirty, ignorant, and barbaric religion in the world. It is virtually hated by both man and God and needs to be resolutely wiped out.

You Muslims have been abandoned by Allah.

I think that Muslims all convert to Christianity and then they may get divine pardon.