61、Muslims Are Inherently Traitors

11 September 2015

Muslims are inherently traitors, which is said by Stalin and is also a truth. Muslims are loyal to Islamic cults instead of their nations, which is a common sense. Till now Stalin is still attacked and slandered by some people, and this is the fate of telling the truth.

But the ‘hypocritical occidentals’, called by Israel, are completely opposite to this. They all speak nonsense and make some lies and frauds only to seek more interests and votes for themselves without taking the harms to others into consideration.

All those are necessary survivor techniques for these citizens, civil servants, small potatoes, and profiteers.

Why don’t the Muslims have faithfulness to their nations?

1. Islamic canons are extremely strict. The severe canons constrain humans’ imagination and creativity entirely, which lower the Muslims’ IQ and slower their thinking and reaction abilities. They have poor competitive and survival abilities in society.

2. Sharia strongly advocates having babies, so each family has more than five children averagely, with the features of low level and high covering rate. They ignore the education and living standards of the next generation. The low living quality makes them have inherently mental imbalance and violent tendency, produces dissatisfaction to the society and country, having no faithfulness to the country, and being no grateful to the society.

3. Islamism advocates violence and treating others brutally, which are clearly recorded in the Koran and Hadith. They don’t require legislation at all and any discussion and references. Violence and cruelty are Muslims’ law. The dissatisfaction to society, the disloyalty to country, and the all-the-time violent laws make them become inherently traitors.

4. Muslims’ dissatisfaction is also embodied in the harsh sharia. They are incompatible with the modern civilisation. Any words and deeds of the civilisation are opposed to their sharia. They are born to hate the civilisation. They are inherently anti-society, anti-civilisation, and anti-country. They are inherently traitors.

This is the reason why the Wahhabi of Islam and the Shia of Iran are seriously against the United States. Only the king of Saudi, the king of Jordan, and the chief of UAE and their nobility of Islam like Western countries. They have to use the strict doctrine of Islam to fulfil their vile government. But compared with the doctrine of Islam, they prefer the Western corrupt life and US dollars. The reason why Khamenei is against the United States is that he is not the king and cannot go through the corrupt life and obtain relative benefits as a king. So he chose to be against the United States.

5. Islamic canons and laws request them to worship five times per day, which belongs to psychological hint. Each day they imply themselves psychologically five times: anti-society, anti-civilisation, anti-country. This kind of psychological hints can resist any influences of civilisation and rationality. They lose all minds, rationalities, and civilisations, and at last they become mobs and traitors.

6. Islamism definitely rules that they can build Islamic country through violence and armed behaviour. This is called theocracy. All the current authorities who don’t conform to their canons and denomination will be overthrown by arms.

The important reason why Muslim is called natural traitor is that any act performed by the emperors in countries led by Islam is not oriented by the goals of achieving interests for its people, its country, and its nation. The behaviours conducted by the emperors in Islamic countries are all motivated by their purposes of safeguarding the vile government and protecting the interests of the vicious religion.

They put safeguarding their vile government and protecting the interests of their vicious religion on the first place and they tread on and ignore the interest of people, of state, and of nations.

Emperors in Islamic countries often start epic warfare in order to safeguard their vile government and to protect the interests of their vicious religion. Such warfare was also claimed as jihad. These emperors also require to die with seventy-two virgins.

People can be shameless, but they cannot be such shameless to that extent.

European countries should have brainwashing propaganda and compulsory treatments to the Muslims after introducing them into Europe. Guide them to change their religious belief and expel the diehards to their original countries. Remould the good Muslims to humans with normal thinking and distinguished ability, and then disintegrate them. Transforming their thinking beliefs is the real resettlement policy.

If the Europeans are remoulded by the Islamic refugees instead of remoulding them, they are taking poisons to suicide.

The world-famous cases: the English executioner John, the American Boston explosion case Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and Xinjiang undergraduate in Chinese made the Thailand Erawan Shrine explosion.

All those are typical acts of treason, which illustrates that Muslims are inherently traitors.