60、That Kid Who Died on the Beach Is Not Worth To Be Sympathised With, Even If He Came to Life, He Would Still Be a Suicide Bomber

5 September 2015

The kid who died on the beach and his father seemed to attract many people’s eyes and sympathy. That would only show the human’s ignorance, dirty, and evil.

Because they are Mohammedan, they read the same book, the Koran.

If the kid woke up, he might shoot the heads of these leaders, head shot, just like the situation in the video. He might get a bomb strapped to himself to make a big bang downtown. He might take the automatic rifle to shoot the people who were basking themselves on the sunny beach.

When he grew up, he would cut the heads of the Western people with the knife and warn them and ask them to surrender to the Islam with the native English in front of the camera.

The Muslims who took the guns are just the cancers that had spread to the society; the Muslims who not took the guns are the cancers that had not spread to the society. They are all cancers in essence. It was not only including the adult but also the kid.

The fact has occurred, but the ignorant, evil, and dirty people don’t want and refuse to admit, they can’t realise it. And this kid’s father showed his sorrow in front of the camera.

Did you know his condition in a few years? According to the rules of Islam, he could marry a lot of wives and would have a lot of kids.

It was very common for people who underwent the loss of the families and money to feel sad. But according to the logic, that man could have the new lovers, marry a lot of beautiful wives, and have a lot of kids. He was just for show in front of the camera for the collection of money from the rich men to make him find new lovers, marry, and have children.

The women and kids were just like a kind of symbol of fortune and sex partners, that’s all.

‘Have new lovers, marry, and have children’ was not an immoral thing; we were human after all.

The Western people were ignorant and impose their own views on others. But it’s their own wishful thinking. They thought everyone should always love his love, forever.

This was a kind of sick and unreasonable performance. People should face the fact. The fact was that the Islam was the devil, the evil, the cancer, the enemy, the suicide bombing, the demolition truck, the automatic rifle shooting, the head cutting.

The Islam is divided into the Wahhabism and the Shia, which one of these doesn’t want the Western people to die? Which religious sect is good? Which people in the religious sect are nice?

The only difference between them is that some guys pretend to be good men, some guys pretend to be bad men, they are the two sides of the coin and both believe the Koran, and don’t have the essential differences, they are the jackals of the same lair.

After 2012, the power of all religions had totally disappeared. The harm to the people brought by the religions was much more than the well-being and protection brought by the religions.

So after 2012, the humans needed to take a new look at all religions. The all unreasonable areas of religions needed to be criticised and cleared.

The Islam needs to be cleared firstly. This is God’s will, this is Allah’s will.

They have not been achieved the protection from the deity. The rights and wrongs of the Islam should be put on the front and accept the judgment of the fairness and the justice.

The veil, the black robe, the Koran, Hadith should be judged by the modern moral standards, modern laws, and the valves.

The religious laws, which are not according with the ‘the modern moral standards, the modern laws, and the valves’, need to be abolished.

Otherwise it will be wiped out as heresy.

When the deity came to imply the ‘2012, the end of the world’ a few years ago, the deity showed this point. Before 2012, the deity had showed the disappearance of the power of all religions. According to ‘the principle, the justice’, the humans should judge the ideologies and the valves one more time.

But the ignorant people was afraid of the power and the inveteracy of the forces of evil and comprised on the evil. The terrorism became rampant, the devil in the IS wanted to build a country. It further proved the disappearance of religion power, which caused the devil to become out of control and rampant.

All the religions and ideologies need to accept the judgment of ‘the principle, the justice’. The deity and the human need the new brand legislation.