59、Islam Has Now Developed into an Evil Religion and Needs to Be Banned Immediately on a Global Scale

18 August 2015

Bombing targeting at Chinese tourists occurred in Thailand today.

It is obvious that it was conducted by Islamic heresy. They used to target Westerners, but this time at the Chinese. In my opinion, China should dispatch troops to Middle East and join the battle.

Chinese people always stay domestically, hide their capacities, and bide their time, with a belief that it will help pursue good fortune, avoid disaster and drift along. There are strict domestic managements in China. It is unable for foreign terrorists to start attack in the territory of China. However, it is easy to kill Chinese people abroad.

It is unavoidable for Chinese people to showdown with Islam. I think that China should act proactively and to declare war to Islamic heresy. To join the multinational forces and to exterminate IS in Middle East. To participate actively in global war on terror. The global war on terror is to fight against the Islamic heresy. The terrorists around the world are all the ones who believe in Islamic heresy, with the ones in Thailand bombing as no exceptional.

Islam is the axis of heresy and has the nature of rogue.

Islam without killing is like tumour in the latency period and starting to kill is like tumour spreading all over the world. It is not easy to find a kind Islam.

The Islam should be declared as heresy immediately and all the masjids and all copies of the Koran should be destroyed. The Islam has developed into the heresy and need to be exterminated.

Here’s why:

1. Islam has never made any contribution to the modern civilisation, made any invention and innovation, or created any universally recognised culture, art, and literary work.

2. Muslims give birth uncontrollably and expand their territory in all directions to invade and occupy other nation’s land and plunder living resources all around the world. They are parasites on the modern civilisation.

3. All the terror attacks and terrorisms in the whole world have something to do with Islam. So Islam is the axis of evil and the cradle of devils in the contemporary era.

4. Omar, the leader of Taliban, is one-eyed, and Baghdadi, the leader of the IS, is crippled. They represent a religion that is already not recognised and sheltered by Allah. According to the record in Prophetic Hadith by Mohammed, they are Dajjal. They are the evilest demons and need to be eradicated.

5. All the religions entered the Dharma ending age in 2012. The end of the world would not come in 2012, but all the religions did lose their supernatural power in that year. The power that originally could prosper, bless, and protect the believers and humans disappeared completely. This power faded away with time going by and disappeared completely in 2012. The previous religious laws can only bring disasters, terrors, and disgraces to mankind if still used today. Islam is the most obvious example, which is already an out-and-out heretic sect.

6. Islam wasn’t a peaceful religion at all from the ancient times. It maintained its evil rule based on plunder, slaughter, tyranny, and ignorance. ‘Plunder, slaughter, tyranny, and ignorance’ could play a role in unifying thoughts and adjusting interpersonal relationships in the Jahiliyyah. But the modern humans have ushered in the era of civilisation, so if ‘plunder, slaughter, tyranny, and ignorance’ are still used to intimidate and dupe the people, the civilised society will never accept it, and God will never allow it. So Islam, a cult, must be banned resolutely.

7. The contemporary Islamic world mainly refers to the oil-producing countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and some other countries, which maintain ‘plunder, slaughter, tyranny, and ignorance’ dependent on the petroleum resources created by God. Moreover, they support the dissemination of the heresy Islam with money and weapons. The Islamic gangsters would not be so rampant if there weren’t petroleum resources, and the oil-producing countries didn't instigate or support them secretly. They are nothing but filthy mice and cockroaches without financial support or weapon support. What’s more, these oil resources and wealth were created by God, absolutely not by the evil religion Islam. They can do nothing but sell oil. They are parasites on the modern civilisation.

8. Seventy per cent of the global narcotic drugs are grown and produced in the Islamic countries (Afghanistan). They pretend to be devout, and the women wear veils to make themselves look innocent, but in fact, they are more malicious than narcotic drugs inwardly. They want to poison all humanity with drugs. All of them are Dajjal.

9. The Bible says that today’s Islam is a heretic sect seriously misled by some ‘false prophets’. They have been possessed by the devil and thus need to be exterminated.

10. Islam was born with a purpose to wrest political power and implement theocracy. This is the main ideology and theoretical basis of modern Islamic terrorism.

11. Islam’s rules and laws are inhuman, which severely violate human rights, seriously damage personal freedom, and greatly distort thoughts. Even worse, far from being ashamed of evil, distortion, and abnormality, they glory in them and want to popularise their evil thoughts worldwide. They are the evilest demon in the present world and ought to be eradicated, to avoid trouble later on.

All the reasons above are real, convincing, and irrefutable.

The year 2012 is not the end of the world. But from religious senses, it is the end of the world as the power of religion was all vanished and religions could no longer lead and protect their believers. If humans could not exalt the soul and raise their conscience at this stage, the end of the world as well as the self-destruction of humans will come soon.

Humans should perfect their soul and abandon the ignorance, dirty, and heresy of religion. According to God, human should extract the true, the good, and the beautiful out of the civilisation of thousands of years. To perfect his own soul, human will not be destroyed but can be promoted and enter higher level of conscience and higher civilised world.