58、Taliban’s Omar Is Also What Mohammed Calls as Dajjal

3 August 2015

Omar was certified by Taliban as having died for two years.

What concerns me is that, same as Baghdadi, Omar was also left with one good eye only. Better than the former who also had a lame leg, Omar’s legs remained intact. Their blind eyes and lame legs were all due to the wounds left by the wars.

Mohammed had made it clear in the Hadith that the agents of Allah would be protected by Allah and would never be wounded.

As the leaders of Islamic organisations, they had blind eyes and lame legs, which clearly showed that they were not the agents of Allah. They were not protected by Allah and should never represent Allah to preach Islamism in the world. Allah hated them. Therefore, Taliban and the IS are both Heresy and are not recognised and protected by Allah. And they shall dissolve immediately.

Omar and Baghdadi were both Dajjal recorded in Hadith by Mohammed. They were the biggest concern of Mohammed. Their rising represents the termination of Islamism. Their appearance means the force of the Koran is terminated, and the Koran could no longer guide Muslims and give Muslims prosperity. What is left includes only shames and disasters.

All the religions have gone through thousands of years till now and have instructed on people’s living over the years, which have all come to the ending period.

I believe that all the religious culture and prehistoric civilisation were the implication and truth that God left for people. However, as thousands of years has passed, the ways to practice the implication and truth at that time have been no more adapted to the modern society and modern civilisation.

What we need to do is to retain the implication and truth from God but to amend the specific approaches to reaching the truth.

To make it simple, it means that we should completely change course and modify the specific method while unchanging the goals.

The fundamentalism of religion intended to forcibly restrict modern people with ancient practice and doctrine, which were typical behaviour of Procrustes.

What Mohammed was worried about most was the occurrence of behaviour of Procrustes. It is heresy which use ancient practice and doctrine to forcibly restrict modern people. It is a must to wipe out the heresy.

However, the religious people of Islam have not realised the problem by now.

Iran and Hezbollah claimed that IS is renegade. That is incorrect. All the practice conducted by IS could be traced back to the Koran and the Hadith. Therefore, it is untenable to criticise IS and the fundamentalism.

What actually should be done is to reverse the whole Islamic method and doctrine, i.e., the whole Islamic law and doctrine, the practice and the course.

God hopes that people could reserve the goals, but to re-enact the course and the specific practice.

The Islam should only reserve the doctrine of Tawhid and orderly society. Other doctrines as a whole should be reversed.

The Buddhism only needs to preserve the concept of redeeming and helping people and the rest doctrine should all be reversed, such as non-killing, loving the dogs. These are nonsense and need to be reversed. It is heresy if not reversing.

Tao Te Ching, Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor, and other Chinese ancient culture are also the implication and truth of God, which are regarded as system theory and holistic view.

All types of truth from God are not contradictory. People should digest the truths and use them flexibly in accordance with the actual situation.

As people are benighted and have limitations in developing intelligence, thinking ability, and operational capability, people cannot receive all the implications and truths from God. Just like blind men touching an elephant, everyone focuses on one aspect but denies the others and fights with others uselessly.