57、Iran Should Send the Ground Force to Exterminate the IS in Iraq and Syria

14 July 2015

It’s better to solve the Islamic issues within Islam.

In my view, Iran is the most suitable nation to immediately exterminate the IS.

1. Iran is their neighbour with a wide bordering land and has convenient manpower and resources transportation, so it can send a large number of ground forces to suppress the bandits. Moreover, Iran is a major military power in the Middle East and bandit suppression is just a trifle. Even Africa has troops of neighbouring countries to help suppress bandits. Likewise, the Middle East also needs mutual help.

2. The neighbouring countries of Syria and Iraq include Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who are Wahhabi, the same as the IS. A lot of people in these countries overtly and covertly supported the IS by providing troops, weapons, and funds. Although they go against the IS on the surface, they are actually tangled and contradictory in heart.

3. IS is the enemy of the world, so your Persian nation should bear the responsibility to remove the evil and save the world. More importantly, you need to show the westerners that Iranians can easily solve the problem they cannot handle. To cooperate with the West to exterminate the IS can increase the mutual trust with the West.

4. Iran has criticised Wahhabi as the apostate, but words are useless, there must be action. Iran should punish the traitor for Allah, which is jihad and related to the honour of Islam.

5. Wahhabi is heresy beyond doubt, but Persians are too impulsive and always made strategic mistakes, such as anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, which brought grave danger and disaster to the people without any real benefit. Iran should learn from the shrewd Saudi Arabia to rope in the United States and the West. In fact, Wahhabi is the biggest devil. The worst in the world is Wahhabi heresy created by Saudi Arabia which should be eradicated. Iran just made strategic mistake and required correction.