56、The Problem of Europe: Democracy Has Encouraged Islamic Heresy

9 July 2015

Many current problems in Europe are related to Islam.

Immigrants in Europe today are mainly those Islamic immigrants from Albania and Africa, the disasters they have brought to Europe include the following:

1. Grab the job opportunities and hence it increases the unemployment rate.

2. Immigrants have taken much social welfare, which has decreased the living quality of those indigenous people.

3. Immigrants have damaged the European culture, and consequently, the latter will be replaced by Islamic heresy.

4. Immigrants have brought a number of social security problems, which are related to low-quality people, including murder, violence, whoring, drug trafficking, etc.

The Western countries waged the Yugoslavian war, thus it has given a blow to Russia’s impact on the Balkan region. Apart from all the happiness this has brought to those European people, what they have in hand now is a Pandora’s box.

That devil is the Islamic heresy in Yugoslavia. Albanians in Kosovo is the Islamic devil. Originally, those devils are respectively problems of Soviet Union, Russia, Yugoslavia, and Serbia. Now they have become the problems of Europe.

Socialism can control those devils. Islam had been totally defeated when they encountered Soviet Union, Russia, or Yugoslavia. Socialism can demand them to eat pork and can also announce that they are heresy. Through wars, Westerners have brought this devil to home. In democratic countries, this devil is acting like malignant tumour erodes body cells. In European Union’s malignant expansion, Westerners had felt the bitterness but had to suffer in silence. It was like swallowing a tooth that has been knocked off, which is just called retribution.

The values and democracy being advocated by the US has fatal flaws and loopholes. They will fail completely and there is no way to save it when they meet the heresy.

The values and democracy being advocated by the US protect the heresy and is the best culture medium for heresy as it helps the mass propagation of bacteria, viruses and cancer cells with the large amount of fund, perfect social environment, and considerable social resources they have provided. As a result, the original value system and social order are damaged by those ‘bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells’ without being punished at all.

Islamic heresy shares no values with the values of the Western world. Despite of this, they still want to propagate a large population, thereby plundering and encroaching considerable social resources. The propagated large population is also the best tool that can be used to kidnap democracy, politics, and social management and to spread cancer cells.

Human beings are always walking away from a war but soon stepping into another one, from a dilemma to another dilemma, the cause of which originates from incomplete ideology and soul.

The capacity of the brains of human beings appears to be too low, as a result, once one ideology is installed, the other one must be removed.

If multiple ideologies are installed together, they will conflict with each other and then ‘crash’. It is just like we ask Islam to eat pork, they will ‘crash’ immediately. Soon enough, this ‘computer’ works abnormally and shows weird behaviours. If we discuss communism with the Westerners, they will also act strangely and ‘crash’ immediately.

I think those ideologies are merely some tools. Just like different tools may be used to deal with different matters. There is nothing conflicting between them.

Regardless of what ideology we have, all of them are tools used to serve for the people’s interests, bringing benefits to the people so that they can live better and get rich. Whatever satisfies this purpose, they are good and useful ideology. Otherwise, they are rubbish. We need to change an ideology and theory to deal with it. Also different ideology and logical thinking may be used to deal with different matters. Different principles may be used in view of different people or different matters. Use whatever ideology that works, the one who does so can be called a master, otherwise human beings are kidnapped slaves from an ideological perspective.

Ideology shall serve for human beings. It is not important as to what method is being used, what matters is the purpose, what kind of purpose we need to achieve.

Our purpose is to maximise the interests of people. People, regardless of black or white, poor or rich, need benefits, maximum protection, fair and justice, and bills.

Seeking benefits is the most fundamental logic of human beings, who know to fight for it even from breastfeeding at birth. This is one of the acts of mankind.

In this sense, all ideology and cultural thoughts are created so that people can be ‘breastfed’ better and can seek more benefits in a better way. One is the purpose, while the other is the method or tool. We cannot inverse them; otherwise, it is heresy.

Ideology is a tool that is used to serve for the people, rather than letting people serve for ideology. People are by no means the tools used for ideological struggle. This is a question that can boil down to who is the master of whom and who serves for whom.

Mankind thinks they are the wisest of all creatures. However, it turns out they are nothing but some monkeys or toys that are being played with. Quite ignorant and quite evil.

Various ideologies are simply logics or sets of excuses. These sets of excuses can be truth in some places at some times and lies or mistakes in other places at other times. They are not something sacred and unchangeable. Today you can believe this, tomorrow you can believe that. Today you can believe communism, tomorrow you can believe capitalism. Today you can believe Islam, tomorrow you can believe Christianity, and then the day after tomorrow, you can change to believe Buddhism. These are quite normal.

We are coping with the logics when we are handling an issue. The opposing party maintains a kind of logic. The reason we want to handle it is because the other party’s such logic affects our work and do harm to us. Thus we need to conquer them. The theory of five elements that are mutual promoting and restricting each other even dates back to ancient China. Five elements is also about five logics. Some logics may help the opposing party, while some logics may restrain the opposing party. Our logic must conquer the logic of opposing party when handling an issue, only in this way, we can be or at least have the chance to be successful. If it is bound to be a failure in terms of the logic, we will be restrained by the opposing party. As a result, it is bound to be a failure regardless of doing or not doing so. Because our opponents are different, the problems to be handled by us vary and the logic of opposing party is different, we then need to take different logics to cope with the diversified logics we may face so as to ensure that we can handle the matter well, achieve success, or achieve the expected results.

Well, this logic is called ideology.

The logic of the US works in some places at some times, but becomes ineffective if it is used to fight against the heresy or applied in poverty area. Stalin’s logic has good effect in fighting against heresy, but becomes ineffective if it is applied in some other issues. Buddhism has good effect in the eyes of those dog lovers, but becomes quite ineffective as far as the economic construction of Nepal is concerned. Marxism is effective in the aspect of social management, but is ineffective in terms of the economic construction.

The same applies to the crack down on drug dealers by Mexico, 2 billion military expenditure vs. 20 billion revenue received from selling drugs. It is a failure even in logic, therefore it cannot be successful. Then why the logic of 2 billion vs. 20 billion has come into being, the answer is that it is rooted in the logic contradiction found in the democratic political system under Mexican capitalism.

America and the West fail to suppress Islam because the democratic political system, by its logic, is aiding and abetting the spread and development of Islamic heresy. Human rights system, by its logic, will fail to suppress the barbaric propagation, malicious, and widespread dissemination and malicious encroachment of social resources around by low quality population. The freedom of religious belief under human rights system, by its logic, has abetted and protected the dissemination and development of Islamic heresy. Moreover, the logic of Islam shares nothing in common with the logic of the West. They are completely conflicting with each other.

If mankind themselves cannot control logic and ideology, then it is inevitable to have conflicts, because no logic can restrain all the other logics or completely conquers all the other logics. All things on earth are mutually promoting and restricting each other, so does the ideology. In this sense, only by regarding ideology as a tool and use it flexibly can we remain invincible, otherwise, we are doomed to fail.

Ideology works for people, not the other way around. If you think that is incredible or can’t figure it out, well, that only indicates that you are ignorant, dirty, evil, and should be eliminated, since you cannot see through the essence of all things and the origin of the world.

What does the mankind want and what should they insist, these remain to be the questions they themselves even cannot figure out. Therefore they are always being manipulated and being fooled.

As a matter of fact, those who can invent ideologies are some elites, who are more advanced than human beings, and who keep manipulating the development of human society. Each of them has lost their identities and has become chess pieces and gladiators, providing nothing but entertainment for other people.

Only by using all ideologies as tools can we achieve our own purpose—people can become the real master of human society and can have the self-awareness and targets of their own.

Because in the past, people are ignorant, higher-level elites were controlling their ideologies and acts. Now the productivity has been developed. It is the time for people to control their ideology by themselves instead of being controlled. This is a sublimation of spirit, from incomplete one to a complete one, and from ideology being controlled by other people to the control of one’s own ideology. People must be woken up and stopped from being fooled. People are God’s offspring. God will be angry seeing you always being fooled by other people. You need to make progress.

Based on the need of their own and through scientific planning, people can get rid of such control by using various ideologies as tools, thereby becoming the real master of human society.

If you think there are conflicts and contradictions, it only indicates that your memory is too small and can’t run any complicated program. You should be eliminated.

To fight against Islam, we must adopt communism, management of social science, and Stalinism. Just let them eat pork and we have plenty of methods that can be used to make it hard for them. In fact, when Stalin forced Muslims to eat pork in those years, they all ate. Let them raise pigs, they all did so. Let them produce pork products, they all produced. It is not a big deal at all. We should take these practices to deal with those rogues, since they all obey those practices of Stalin. Islam rogues only become obedient at the sight of Stalin. Only Stalinism is the great saviour of people and a strong soldier who protects people and fights against the devils.

So the current Islam issue is completely a by-product produced by the American’s promotion of democracy. It is a toxic and harmful substance fostered by the democratic system. In light of the scourge made to this world by Islam in today’s society, they are all the devils appeased by the democracy.

Because they chose to be ignorant and evil and represent a heresy, we ought to fight heresy in this way so as to manifest the justice. Otherwise, we cannot protect our civilisation and those things that are true, good, and beautiful.

This is also the will of God.