55、Mohammed Says That the Scientific Communism Unifies the World

2 July 2015

Why are the Muslims so crazy? I think the reason is that Mohammed repeatedly emphasises in the Hadith that Allah wants Islam to destroy all the other religions to unify the world.

This sentence of Mohammed is correct, but it can’t be comprehended literally, nor understood like the present understanding of Islam.

God created the Islam not to instruct the Muslims how to shit or make love, but to build an orderly society in the mortal world.

The fundamental aim of the Islam is to build an orderly society in the mortal world.

Among various religions, Christianity is not an orderly society and God does not have it stress on discipline, neither is the social order mentioned in the Buddhism.

Only Islam advocates how to standardise the dribs and drabs of the life no matter in the Koran or Hadith from worship to God to surfing a family, food and clothing, war and penalty, as well as filial obedience to parents and so on, everything involved.

The Bible seems like a narration that records and narrates the behaviours of God, while the Koran and Hadith are more like an ancient code to standardise varieties of behaviours of people.

The Tao Te Ching tells people that the situation is changing ceaselessly and the operation order, laws, and principles of the society also need to be changed constantly, but only the target won’t be changed.

The writing purpose of the Buddhist texts is to have the mankind do good deeds and accumulate virtues as well as benefit people and the world.

The Bible is demonstrating the ability of God, which is written to have the mankind reverence the divinities and not do whatever they want.

The Koran is standardising the behaviours of mankind, which is written to regulate the manners and behaviours of mankind and ask them to build an orderly society.

Meanwhile, it is also mentioned in the Bible and the Koran that people should do good deeds. Because of the limited comprehension ability of mankind, they can only understand one aspect of the oracle, but not all the intentions of divinities.

Therefore, the belief of the Chinese people who believe in the Tao Te Ching is changing all the time. They have the highest intelligence quotient, but never say the truth. However, their aim is unchanged, which is to earn money and build a reasonable social order.

The Western people who believe in the Bible have no code of conduct, nor do they stress on morals, but only pursue their maximum benefit and therefore infringe others’ benefit, which is very disgusting to the Muslims who pay most attention to the order.

The Muslims who believe in the Koran pay most attention to the order, but the ancient laws become more and more conflicted with the modern civilisation. They have been becoming more and more contradictory and imbalanced. Why should we get the least although we are most obedient to God and most observe the order? Therefore, they rebel, they hate the world civilisation, and they want to destroy the world order and the civilisation. With the most imbalanced mentality, they are most repressed and have the strongest revenge mind, hatred, and ambivalence.

The correct understanding of Mohammed’s words that Islam unifies the world is that the orderly society unifies the world. What God leaves to Islam is the classic of the orderly world so that the Islam unifies the world said by Mohammed means the orderly society unifies the world, but definitely not like the present understanding of Muslims that the heresy Islam unifies the world.

Now, the Islamic world is a kind of orderly society, but not that expected by God.

The kingdom of God is a kind of orderly society, but definitely not that as understood by the Islam presently and it is similar to that of the scientific socialism and state capitalism like in China. Though China still has many drawbacks, the basic framework is like that, where the elite class of the society constitutes the political party who controls the army, controls the resources of God, leads the public, establishes the harmonious society, and builds the orderly society as expected by God.

The orderly society God hopes for is with wealthy and high-level life, orderliness, harmony, wisdom, kindness, satisfaction, fairness and justice, proper human rights, equality, and freedom.

Just look at the present Islamic world, none of the above standards are conformed to. As you are forced to wear the shoes you wore when you were children, I can only say that it is a heresy. Judging from the standard of the kingdom of God, it is exactly the heresy. The orderly society is not built as what you do and you are just building an evil society.

You are not esteeming or adding splendour to Allah, but are trying every means to bring shame on and desecrate Allah. Even if Allah is here today, he will declare that you are a heresy when seeing what you do. You are just doing evil things in the name of Allah, and you are displeasing Allah.

Each book has its writing purpose, but most of people don’t understand what the writers really want to express or what purpose they want to achieve, and they can only rigidly adhere to the literal meaning, while definitely don’t understand the writing purpose of the writers.

You Islam are exactly the case. You should try to understand Allah and the writing purpose of the Koran but not the superficial form. If Islam can really step on the right track, it will develop very fast like China, because this is the greatest characteristic of the orderly society.

You Muslims should change to believe in the state capitalism or scientific socialism of China, because this is the will of Allah. An example is made for you, and you only need to refer to it to implement. Only in this way can the Islam unify the world and the prediction of Mohammed come true.