54、Germany Surrendered to the Islamic

2 July 2015

I read the news today that a German school required students not to dress in cool clothing because there was an Islamic camp nearby. The cool clothing does not comply with the Islamic dressing standards and may at the risk of terrorist attack.

A few days ago, a German citizen was killed in Tunisia beach, so the German turned pale at the mere mention of IS. Out of the fear of Islamic refugees, they had to change their clothing habits according to the requirements of Islam and succumb to the Islamic law of heresy organisation.

This is the success of IS’s terrorist attacks and they culturally seized a German school.

Germany is no longer the Germany is World War II. Germanic people have to succumb in the face of Islam. To me, they even lost the basic sense of national pride and have little hope.

Germany should give each refugee a ‘Bible’, require them to eat pork, and make bio-safety disposal, otherwise, expel them out, rather than wear the clothes they dislike to prevent terrorist attack.

This is to put the incidental before the fundamental.