53、According to Hadith, the IS Will Be Destroyed Three Months Later

1 July 2015

According to the Hadith, ‘We ask the messenger of Allah, how long Dajjal can live on the earth? Mohammed says, “Forty days, with one day represents a year, one day represents a month and one day represents a week, the rest of the time will be as usual.”’

Then according to such statement made by Mohammed, the IS will survive on the earth for one year and seventy-four days. The IS, a bandit gang, announced to be established on June 29 of last year. Then the country should last for another seventy-four days before it is destroyed as per such statement. I estimate that there is less than three months before it is destroyed.

In my view, except for the bomb truck, which can be used to bluff some other people, the IS has nothing that can be used to show off. It can’t be more shameful for a country with such little power but being so aggressive in the world.

The IS is a heresy and nobody will really help them. Therefore they can only resort to the way of committing suicide to boost their courage. It is just like one goes past the graveyard while whistling.

Israel said that by dispatching a modern army, and with continuous attacking, soon the IS will be defeated, which is absolutely right as to my opinion.

How many heavy weapons and bomb trucks you still have. Just all drive out and blow them up. Otherwise you are being so sissy and are wasting our time.