52、Iran Condemns Terrorist Attack That’s Not Meaningful

28 June 2015

Iran condemns the terrorist attack of IS for these several times.

Iran condemns ‘Terrorist attack doesn’t meet the Islamism and the Koran, IS is an apostate’.

To be frank, there is no actual meaning if it’s said by Iran.

Communal conflicts originally exist between the Shia and Sunnite. Your opposite two parties accuse each other, which are very common, and it’s the habitual tricks and means of communal conflict. It can’t explain that the Shia represents the justice and Sunnite represents the evil.

Both of you read the same Koran, you are the children who were born by the same mother. You are the people who are in the same boat, we can’t say that you are just and they are evil.

The only difference between Shia and Sunnite is that you read the first paragraph of Koran and they read the second paragraph of the Koran.

They hold the knife by the left hands while you hold it by the right hands. The nature is the same and there is no any difference. One Koran and the same knife.

You think that you are clean by catching the disadvantages of Sunnite.

Women were forbidden to watch a volleyball match at the previous two days because one of you said that the blooding conflict may occur. Blooding exists in watching of the volleyball match and it also occurs in the sunshine bath. Is there any difference? There is no difference at the instinct; both of them are the extremism of Islam and evil.

Chinese people call it ‘the pot calling the kettle black’.

The people who runs away for 50 metres in the battlefield calls the one who runs away for 100 metres a deserter.

Actually he doesn’t understand that the one who runs away for 100 metres is called deserter and will be laughed at, he runs away for 50 metres that will also be called the deserter and will be laughed at, the one who runs away for 50 metres is not qualified to laugh at the one who runs away for 100 metres. Both of them are fellow sufferers.

To condemn others means to condemn themselves. The Sunnite must come out for declaration and let Wahhabi declare. The whole world knows that Wahhabi and Sunnite wear the same trousers with the IS. Wahhabi and Sunnite support the IS at the back and provide funds and weapons for them. They endanger the world safety and they are the enemies of the whole world.

Wahhabi and Sunnite come out for declaration and apologise for the world. Draw a clear distinction with the IS and dispatch soldiers to exterminate the IS. It’s a little significant to clean the door.

Shia and Sunnite are conflict religion; you condemn the IS that only explains that you are at the communal conflict again. Your Hezbollah, the Shia dispatches militia to attack IS, the participation in the region conflict is also to attack the Sunnite. It’s also the communal conflict, which can’t explain that the Islamism is apologising for the world.

Basic problem of Islam is that issues exist in the Koran and Hadith, the old laws are not suitable for the modern civilisation, no absolute good or bad man exists in what religion of Islam. The comprehensive revolution and innocent treatment must be carried out, or it will cause constant threat for the world, which is called heresy.

For the revolution of Islam, only the concept of ‘Tawhid’ must be kept, the rest ones shall be completely checked again, all of which can be overturned and the laws will be remade according to the modern laws of other countries.