51、IS Are Formed Due to the Incompleteness of Revolution to Cult Devil

24 June 2015

IS are formed due to the incompleteness of revolution to cult devil by the United States and the capitalist regime.

The backbones of the IS and al-Qaeda group are people released from the prisons of the United States and pro-American regimes.

It is quite simple. The reason why these people are put into prison is that the Americans know they are terrorists.

Then why are they released? The reason is the incompleteness of capitalist revolution. This is the result you get when you treat the devil with human rights, democracy, and freedom.

The right way to handle the devil is that never let one devil go even though you need to kill a thousand. For the cult leader, you must capture and execute without mercy. These people should never be released and must die in prison.

That’s why we say the devil is cultured and created by the United States.

The devil is the product of democracy. The problem can only be solved when these people are imprisoned for life or executed in secret. However, what the United States do is put them in jail, beat them up, and then release them. This is where the democracy shows its foolishness and evilness.

Execution is the only way to handle the cult evil. Let them reunite with others in the other world.

The cult devil will never give up their belief only because you beat them up. Violent beat and custody will only increase their evilness and revenge.

For the prisoners, you must make sure that they have no revenge desire or any harm to the society before you release them. Obviously, the released prisoners in the Middle East could only be more harmful to the society. They are not been educated. On the contrary, some Islamic devils learn more extreme thoughts and terrorist means in the prison. For them, the prison has become devil training class, devil training camp, and devil university. The released prisoners are those graduated from this devil university.

Holding these cult devils requires a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. However, execution is the simplest thing to do.

Years ago, the Western countries blamed others to blow the cult. Do you see the nature of cult now? They cannot be talked, held, or beaten to be good. There is no other way, except death. They are pure poisonous and harmful substances. There is no other way except cleaning up.

Therefore, almost all successful revolution involves cleaning up, which is necessary. The problem will never be solved if some people are still alive. They will only make it worse. There is an old saying goes in China, ‘One must be thorough in exterminating an evil.’

For civilised people, we can talk and act with civilisation. But for the devil, we must talk and act in the devil way. This is necessary to maintain the justice.

From a certain perspective, capitalism means progress and civilisation. However, when it shows helplessness and weakness in the face of the devil, it means foolishness, ignorance, and filth. It is another kind of evil, without any justice.

As the once most powerful force in the Middle East, Iraq had many battle-hardened soldiers. The regime was overthrown after beaten by the high-tech war with the United States. However, the effective strength was not damaged by the high-tech war. Those trained soldiers were still in Iraq. At the time, the new Iraqi government were aware of the serious threat from these soldiers. They know these soldiers were troublemakers with serious threat. But what they could do was put them into prison, which led to the situation today. If they handle it with Stalinist cleaning, we will not see the situation today. Sometimes, cleaning is for the greater good. It is necessary.

Terrorists in Iraq are all remnants of Saddam Hussein. Unlike the private arm of Taliban, they are well-trained professional fighters. The fighting capacity and threatening are not quite the same.

The US troops in Iraq are facing more risks than those in Afghanistan. This may be the reason why the Western countries would rather implement air attack instead of garrison. They would face a large risk. Not to mention it is an irregular war, without knowing where the enemy is.

Anyway, IS are terrorists. So they can only obtain some primary and conventional weapons. Iraq and Syria wars both belong to primary consumption wars. Terrorists have no access to advanced and sophisticated weapons. On the contrary, the Iraqi government is a legitimate government, which is supported by many large countries. With all the advanced weapons, it is a matter of time for them to win the war.

The efforts and struggle of the terrorists will sure be in vain. More efforts only lead to more risks. The harder you fight, the more advanced weapons the Iraqi government will get. Larger lethality of the government will make your living space less and less. Therefore, you are destined to be the cannon fodder. Nobody can save you if God wants you to die. The only way for you is to surrender.

Problems of Democracy

1. Lacks of organisation and effectiveness. The cult devil can only be handled with fighting and killing, but not compromise.

2. The revolution is not complete. There is something wrong with the theoretical logic. The devil cannot be handled in this way.

The Way to Define the Devil

1. The behaviour with interests as the main appealing point belongs to human behaviour. Therefore, behaviours including theft, sex crime, corruption, territorial disputes, class struggle, and racial conflict, need appropriate treatment like negotiation, compromise, and appropriate punishment.

2. The behaviour with ideology as the main appealing point belongs to devil behaviour. For them the ideology is higher than interest. Therefore, the cult behaviours, including religious terrorism, drug trafficking, drug using, and other abnormal behaviours, must be handled decisively. They must be resolutely beaten, suppressed, eliminated using all means, without any compromise.