50、Islamic Action and Rwandan Genocide

22 June 2015

Rwandan genocide is a very exemplary case in modern history. Islamic action is similar to Rwandan incident or even worse.

Last years have witnessed several massive killings. The number of deaths in Khmer Rouge and Congo War overtook Rwandan genocide, but the forms and reasons of these slaughters are different. Only Rwandan genocide is illustrative and demonstrates the relation between civilised society and barbaric society. It is also a failed case where civilised society tried to modify barbaric society. America’s human rights theory turned out to be helpless and unsuccessful to a barbaric world. It is a complete failure for them or we can even say the civilised world was brought down by the barbaric world. It also proved that America’s democracy couldn’t be applied to savage world no matter to Africa or Islamic world.

America was very ambitious and cared very much about Africa at the beginning. America is in a vain attempt to influence the world with its democracy, but it met its Waterloo. That Waterloo is not Rwanda but Somali.

Then American president said, ‘America sent thousands of tons of food and drugs, but Somali sent us coffins of dozens of dead soldiers.’

America’s suffering in Somali was ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. There is no point sticking with this country. It cost millions of taxpayers’ money and many lives of innocent American soldiers but ended up with sarcasm from the international community. The situation there didn’t get any better. Somali was still in a mess as before. Later pirates in Somali have been rampant.

With Somali’s experience, the international community was reluctant to help or even no one wanted to mention that when Rwanda genocide happened. Actually on one was able to help. A million people were dead within three months in Rwanda.

These things happened in barbaric countries like Somali tell us that America’s theory of democracy and human rights is not supplied to barbaric areas. More savage theory and brutal actions should be taken to deal with situations in these places.

Africans are far away from Western civilised society and they are not close. Shock treatment should be taken to handle this matter. We can totally ignore what is going on out there and turn a blind eye to that. We can pretend nothing happen as long as they don’t find trouble in our territory.

However, Islam in Middle East has something to do with Western world. For oil and national energy safety, we can’t ignore the problem. Instead, we should face up to the problem.

Islam issue and Africa issue is the same in nature. Middle East issue and Somali and Rwanda issue is also the same in nature, which is an issue of savage and ignorant groups. America’s ideology doesn’t work for these people.

Compared with Africa, Islam is not only barbaric and foolish, but also evil.

Those who were involved in Rwanda genocide only considered the interests of their own ethnic groups. As a result, they did a horrible thing. Tutsi is a foreign minority ethnic group but ruled Hutus for a long time. Besides, temptation of theory of human rights prompted Hutus hatred and dissatisfaction for Tutsi. Majorities provoked large scale of genocide in order to claw back their position and power as masters.

When a minority ethnic group conquers and rules another group forever, it must marry locals to erase racial difference. Purposeful elimination of ethnic diversity will inevitably cause revenge and ethnic cleansing sooner or later because it is against God’s will and harms the locals’ interest. God protects the interests of local people and foreign ethnic groups should respect the interests of locals.

Large-scale clashes between ethnic groups are interest-driven. It is not related to any ideology or cult thoughts. It is just like mechanical injury. The injury is very serious in the trauma area, but other people will not be affected. The damage is partial and interests-driven. It is an entry-level fight.

Compared with Africa’s conflict, Islam’s conflict is evil and monstrous besides barbarism and ignorance. Islam is as fool and savage as Africa, but it’s more evil and brutal. Its problem is more complicated and devastating. What’s more, its problem is like virus spreading. It’s harmful and poisonous. Plus, its virus is replicating and forced spreading. Believing in Islam will make a follower become a refugee or even poisonous substance. In the end, he will be discarded and punished by God.

It has been twenty years since the outbreak of Rwandan genocide. The population of Rwanda doesn’t become any smaller. Tutsi and Hutus live their lives normally, which is not bad. Actually human has powerful reproductive capacity. Although millions of people were dead, prosperity is regained after years.

Barbaric and ignorant people only know two things—fist and blood. Truths only lie within the range of artillery.

Democracy and human rights don’t make any sense to those barbaric and ignorant ethnic groups. It’s like beating a dead horse when you peddle democracy and human rights to them.

You can only communicate with them with the sound made by fist and blood. There is no third language.

Somali and Rwanda prove that iron and blood are the only way for civilised world to talk to barbaric and evil world.

Demons can only understand nonsense when you try to communicate with them. Nonsense is the language spoken by demons. Nonsense is intimidation and threat, which is the only language that demons can understand.

IS and Taliban talk to civilised world in a way of blast, killing, and making video of beheading of innocent men. They show the world what they did after they claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks because they want to let the world know what they are capable of. This way of communication is very brutal and evil. Demons like them cannot understand human language.

Therefore, when talking to Islam monsters, Western societies should use monster language otherwise they can’t understand. It’s a waste of time and energy.

As a Chinese saying goes, ‘Sometimes it is necessary for a crisis to reach an acute, mortal stage before effective action is taken’, or, ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’, one can be enlightened and make progress when he has no choice. Only under this situation one’s creation and ambition can be motivated. In this way, the Western world is communicating with barbaric, ignorant, and evil people in demons’ language. These savage, foolish, and monstrous people can’t understand anything and keep their evil qualities.

The Western world has a famous saying that ‘humiliating laggards is helping them regain respect’. This is some harsh position because they don’t understand human language.

Giving humiliation to laggards, giving threats to savages, and giving lessons to evils will keep monsters in bay.

Demons and evils are not stupid. They will consider their interests when facing death threats. Once they understand, they will be punished for doing evil things or they will not get any returns by doing monstrous things, they will give up doing evil things.

They want benefits and they don’t like punishment. They just can’t understand human language and no one talks to them in demons’ language. It is necessary to use military forces to communicate with them. They will quit evil ideas when they face artillery and blood. They will have true redemption and mercy.

Western world is hypocrisy.

Recently Israel said, ‘Western world and the United Nations are hypocrisies’, which is completely true. One can only get enlightened and see through the truth after he was deeply hurt.

‘Western world and the United Nations are hypocrisies’, which means that America’s system of democracy and human right is also insincere. It also signals the imperfection and flaws of ‘system of democracy and human right’. The ideology of democracy and human right is also defective and imperfect. It can solve some certain problems, but it can’t solve all the problems. It is helpless, groundless, or even evil in handling some certain issues.

The ‘democracy and human right’ philosophy is a big step forward compared with feudal ideology. It is a very important part of human’s soul, but a whole soul needs to add more parts.

They are helpless, powerless, indifferent, making no efforts and incapable when faced with Islam issue, Palestine issue, immigration issue, social management, fairness and justice issue, as well as social harmony issue. This is hypocrisy and another evil thing. It is the source of ideology and incompleteness of soul.

Actually Westerners know that Islam is cult, ugly thing that need to be wiped out, but nobody dares to say in public. They just can take some secrete actions. It should have been a just thing, but they did it like they were stealing. They pretend they are protecting human rights, democracy, and religious freedom when they hate Islam in heart. They can only be big hat, no cattle.

They give room and opportunities to demons, as a result it seems that demons are rightful. You Westerners are just evil as them. This is actually hypocrisy and another evil.

Westerners’ hypocrisy is like shooting a bullet into one’s body. They don’t operate to take out the bullet but directly stitch up the wound. In the end, the wounded will die or will be left with a wound that can never be cured. It is an eternal pain that is hurt at fixed time.

As for Islam, first of all IS should be destroyed to wipe out those actual demons.

The whole world should work together to ask Islamic countries to make religious reforms and harmless treatment. First, propaganda should be in place. We can wipe them out from ideology, and then impose economic sanctions and military threats. Tactics of splitting up and encirclement should be taken to destroy them. We can only communicate with them in a language that they can understand. We should figure out ways to keep them in bay and reform Islam and make harmless treatment.

Splitting up and encirclement is very effective. This way can let the ethnic groups found their own country. People will focus life quality after their country is founded. They will shift their attention to economic development instead of evil ideology.

We talk to Islam, ‘You are demons. We keep you in bay.’

We shouldn’t say, ‘We protect religious freedom. We protect your human rights and on the other hand we bribe the snake to ask them to send the demons away.’ It’s self-contradictory.

The main problem is the Westerners talk to demons in a very girly way, but demons can’t understand. Talking to them should use tough language.

We can do it if we want to. They key point is we should talk to them in a way they can understand.