49、Western Countries Should Reform Muslim Refugees in the Ideological Aspect

17 June 2015

Recently there are a large number of Muslim refugees in Europe and Asia. They are considered as toxic and hazardous substances, being pushed around. People evade them, afraid of having connections with them and then not being able to push them around again.

But in a sense, they do belong to toxic and hazardous substances. They whoever have connections with them won’t receive any good. Instead, they will attract a heap of trouble.

I believe that the Christian church should play a role, reflecting God’s great love and mercy and teaching them that they should make clear their wrong ways and return to right roads, thus believing in God and abandoning Islam.

For those refugees who mend their ways and change to believe in God, we can help them to find some way out and some accommodations as well as jobs that can accept them.

For those bigots and stubborn people, they should be repatriated along the same way immediately. We should return them to Libya and Syria to join in the army to fight.

The way that Myanmar handles with Rohingya is correct. God have given the native land and he will also protect the interests of local people. Migrant groups should respect the interests of local people and shall not win the primary and infringe upon the interests of local people. Especially the Islamic cult, they spread evil thoughts, advocating a large number of children, grabbing land, fighting against the government, and seizing the local life resources, which are all not allowed. It is right for the government to decisively deal with it.

Those who have sympathy for them are obliged to receive them. They should receive these refugees to settle in their countries. It is negotiable for all countries to take out of some money. What’s key is that too many people talk too much and do few things. There are too many people advertising themselves and no people taking responsibilities, and too many people blaming others and no people solving problems.

All people have the abilities to accuse others with mouth, pretend to be good men, and pose as saints. What’s key is how to deal with the issue and who should bear the responsibility and pay for the cost. It is the best approach to make ideological transformation about those Muslim refugees.

We can solve and save a group of people, solving their problems of survival and existence. At the same time, we can have a mind processing with Islam and reinvent them.

Western countries have been helpless against the Islamic ideology. They can only make passive defence and cannot take the initiative to attack.

The refugee problem is a good focus, which is also the thing touching human soul most profoundly, regardless of refugees or non-refugees.

We should make people deeply realised that the Islamic. He who believes in Islam can only become a refugee and toxic and hazardous substance. Only believing in Christ can he receive salvation. In the key moment, it is Christ who saves them, rather than Allah.

This is business and we have fair choices. There is no coercion. There are no issues related to human rights.

It is one’s own choice to choose life or death, choose God or Allah, choose Europe or the Middle East, and choose as refugees or a happy life. We shouldn’t blame anyone about our own human rights.

Europe is a place belonging to Europeans. In Europe, the Europeans are the masters and the owner needs to make rules for guests, otherwise, Europeans will ask them to return to their country. This is the truth and also justice.

And there is no overpopulation on earth. On the contrary it lacks manpower in many places. Old men are building houses in China and the young are reluctant to do such things. There are also large tracts of land farmed by no one in Russia.

It is wrong that the world doesn’t need labour forces anymore. To be detailed, it will never need toxic and hazardous substances. And Islam is such a substance, boycotted by all civilised countries. Islam will be harmlessly disposed.