48、Splitting Middle East Countries Is a Way to Solve Islamic Problem

15 June 2015

Islamic problem is an ideological problem. Putting ideology before all materials and benefits leads to worldwide Islamic problem.

Even though there are differences between China and the Western world, now China’s goal is not to export ideology to other countries but to make profits and money for citizens. This is why Western countries and the world accept China and not act against it. We Chinese just want to earn more money. Everybody loves money and it will never be wrong to make money.

Islamic problem lies in that Islamic people are totally different from Chinese. Their ideologies have serious conflicts with the world and severe problems. Instead of being ashamed, they even are proud of it. Besides, they put ideology before materials and benefits and promote evil Islamic culture. This is the Islamic problem. They have no common language with civilised countries.

To solve this problem, it is required to separate nations of the Middle East paying more attention to benefits from those paying more attention to ideology, to free people in Middle East paying more attention on benefits out of devil’s control and to distinguish human from devils by different countries and slowly destroy devil.

Why do many nations want to seek independence? It is because they can’t get more benefits. After split and independence, they can protect their nation’s benefits. This is the root cause of most nations and regions to fight for independence.

We hope that all of people in Middle East focus on benefits, weaken religions, and put benefits before religions. Thus, the Middle East issue can be solved immediately.

In my opinion, the Middle East is now out of order. If those nations that want to seek independence and are capable of doing so should be split up from current countries and build their own countries where everyone protects their own nation’s benefits and everyone wants to earn money, people won’t go to war for heresy anymore. Then the heresy’s power can be controlled and the Middle East issue also can be solved step by step.

God makes human beings speak different languages and divides them into different races and different nations so as to let human beings build different countries.

All nations are allowed to protect their own benefits and establish civilisation in their own territories and countries.

Several nations would not build a unified country unless they can get greater benefits together.

It is normal human thinking for each nation to go to war and fight for national benefits, but it is heresy thinking if the same thing is done for sectarian conflicts and ideology.

Nations believing in Islam, from ancient times till today, have been fighting battles. Therefore, their countries are divided and built on the basis of fighting battles and plundering land resources.

Mighty and ferocious nations bullies, plunders, and oppresses peaceful nations, which make evil forces become stronger and more capable to plunder weak, small, but peaceful nations.

In the chaos of the Middle East, we need to help nations relatively capable and peaceful obtain independence and build country, isolate and weaken evil strength, divide and encircle evil forces, and gradually compress the living space and presence of evil forces. By doing so, the Middle East issue can be resolved step by step and things will go on in a better way there.

Bolivia in South America is a country built mainly by Indian aborigines. It never wins a war, always plundered and bullied by others. Aborigines there even have no port, but they still train their navy in small brooks of their own country and announce to solve problem in peaceful way until now. If they were in Middle East, perhaps their bones would be chewed by Islamic hooligans.