47、Personal Practice and Religion

13 June 2015

Many people practice Qigong in China. As Qigong does not involve religion and belief, anyone can practice.

When I was in the primary school, there were Qigong classes. I had participated in it for a few days but with little results. However, some students said it was very effective.

All of Qigong, Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor, Tao Te Ching, Taoism, traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy belong to the Chinese prehistoric civilisations granted by God, and personal practice is included too.

I think Buddhism, Hinduism, and Yoga should also include personal practice.

Personal practice refers that the physical person can develop extraordinary abilities via some awareness activities and sports.

In terms of the function of personal practice, human medicine is still under the primary stage of the functional understanding of human body, because both modern medicine and anatomy cannot explain Qigong and body’s special ability.

To be honest, I have achieved nothing in personal practice and have no special ability either. But many people around me have succeeded and got special abilities. They are the old men doing physical exercises in the park in the morning, one of which is my relative. A few of them said they practiced Qigong and got special abilities that they had celestial eyes to see invisible things. At first, I did not believe them and had them tested. I asked them to answer some things they were unable to know or let them offer me some help in health. They could answer them correctly, as if they had seen them. Hence, I have to believe that they really have such amazing abilities.

I envy them, but they said, as long as people practiced meditation quietly, they could reach this realm. And celestial eyes only belonged to the primary ability, and there were more advanced ones.

My friend recommended me the Indian short film Spiritual Reality, which is an animated cartoon made by the Indians to provide guidance for people to practice.

I want to try it, but maybe I care about too many things, so I cannot make my mind clear. Hence, I cannot do practice and fail to reach the realm they told. I believe many people practicing Qigong but failing may meet the same problem.

I consider religion as a very close connection with human’s special abilities.

Many religious leaders process these abilities, or even all of them have. The average person will convince them as such abilities are so amazing.

Almost all countries have witch doctors in their primitive society and modern society. The witch doctor has special abilities, providing treatment, divination, and prediction, and telling fortune. The witch was the religious leader in the primitive society. They had special abilities to help people solve some difficult problems. So people convinced them.

The most obvious example would be China’s Falun Gong.

It was only a group practicing Qigong at first, but then developed into a bizarre mix of religion and politics, which was banned by the Chinese government at last.

Li Hongzhi was a Qigong master and got special abilities through practice. Then he passed them to his disciples to confuse the masses.

Special abilities could have solved problems and relieved pains for others, which should have been a good thing. And these people with special abilities can be very consequential for the average person, very deceptive. If they could do good deeds and benefit society, it would be good. However, if not, there would be catastrophic consequences.

Like Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi harboured evil intentions, with inflated rights consciousness. He was not satisfied with problem solving and physical fitness, but intended to launch a religion and be pop. He encouraged the congregation to confront the government, party, socialism, and public order, plotting a rebellion. It caused severe harm to society and was banned by the government finally.

So the religion can only do good deeds and ascend souls in spiritual domain, but should never establish political parties and interfere in politics. The religious authority should by no means offend human rights, because the world for religious people is different from it for ordinary people. They are two types of people and have no common language. Their interference in domestic affairs will greatly undermine the social order of ordinary human.

Islam is very similar with Falun Gong in some ways. So Islam must separate the politics from its religion. Or it would be a cult and would do harm to other countries and nations, which must be exterminated. This applies to any religious sect.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are advocating the unification of politics and religion, and they are the axis of evil and the cradle of devil of Islam, bringing disasters and chaos to the world. All the wars in the Middle East were caused by the ideology of the two countries. Because they are the cradle of devil with the strongest power, their countries unite a thought and maintain relatively stable, resulting in melee in other Islamic countries, with civilised nations or between themselves.

IS and al-Qaeda are the results of Wahhabi’s policy-religion unified ideology originated in Saudi Arabia. And the policy-religion unified ideology of anti-American and anti-Semitism is generated in Iran. They, meanwhile, have their own sectarian conflicts.

Civilised countries of the world should try to separate their politics from their religion so that Islamic issues can be addressed completely. Otherwise, Islam would always be the bane of the world, taking away the peace.

In fact, we can obtain the special skills or abilities through cultivation, which has been designed since God made man. No matter which religion you believe in or if you don’t believe in any religion, you can achieve it. It’s just about whether you are willing to practice it or not. Please do not blindly believe in religion, as that is just a function of the human body.

Humans have two reactions to special abilities:

1. Convinced, and deeply believe in the master.

2. Never believe in and never admit it. Only believe scalpel and microscope.

This is the dirtiness, ignorance, evil, sordidness, and absurd of human beings. They may surrender fully, or disregard the greatness of the universe and underestimate the power of God completely.

Knowledge is infinite, and human’s knowledge is only a small part of the universe. While the creator can grasp all the knowledge, so God is science, knowledge, and everything. And man is only one species created by God, but is always self-righteous and arrogant.

God loves everyone, but man needs to know his limitations. They have to keep practicing, improving the soul, exploring the universe, and accumulating knowledge, and also need to stop being inferior, worshipful, and arrogantly blind.