46、Mohammed Said Muslims Should Attack Each Other

7 June 2015

In Hadith, Mohammed said, ‘I prayed for three things from my God and Allah promised two of them and refuses the other. I prayed for no ruin in famine and Allah agreed. I prayed for no ruin in flood and Allah agreed. I prayed from no wars among Muslims and Allah did not respond to me.’

In Hadith, Allah said to Mohammed, ‘No one can prevent my judgement. I won’t let them suffer from famine and ruling of foreign enemies unless they attack each other.’

Muslims are a crowd of people with low quality. They know nothing but fighting. They are born to fight and form a habit of fighting. They are convinced neither through fights nor through killing. No one can cope with them easily, so making Muslims attack each other is the only solution, which dates back to early references in Hadith. It is the idea of Allah and nobody can change it.

Like Afghanistan, it has fought with the two biggest countries in the world, which failed to settle the problems down. Letting themselves solve their own problems is the only solution. This has been settled by Allah thousands of years ago and nobody can change it.

So is Middle East. Baghdadi said, ‘Islam is never a peaceful religion.’ Although this sentence is against the Koran and Hadith, it tells the truth.

The reasons are that Islam is characterised with strict canon laws and countless rules, including rules on excretion and how to sleep with wives. Those laws and rules completely confine rationality and wisdom of human beings. In general, Islam is an ignorant, savage religion. Stalin once made a similar statement, ‘Great minds think alike’.

Allah endows diverse rules and canon laws to diverse nationalities. Islam for Arabs is a set of laws specific for nomadic nationalities in lack of natural resources. For lack of resources, strict laws were made to prevent people from fight for living resources and to regulate relationship between people.

The reason for constant non-peaceful feature of Islam is serious lack of resources. To survive, people have to fight for living materials. It is a cultural tradition for years. Although productivity was improved and the society became more civilised, people still failed to get rid of this cultural refinement. As I saw, many places in Middle East are still poor and backward. They fight either on desserts or in slums. Few buildings were seen. Therefore, they still have to long way to achieve modern civilisation.

To ideologically get rid of ignorance, Islam must launch religious reform and spend time and efforts on economic construction.

About sectarian conflicts of Islam, none of the sectarian conflicts is really for protecting certain canon laws. There are only power struggles and interest disputes.

According to Hadith of Mohammed, ‘Muslims attack each other. Both the one who killed others and the be killed will go to Jahannam. Why the be killed will go to Jahannam as well? Because he also tried to killed his opponent. Two crowds of people will fight with each other and a serious bloodshed will occur, but what two crowds promote tell another story.’

About religions, social scholars once argued that only few of the wise can establish religions, while most people play the role of spreading.

Even generations of abbots and elders in temples can only spread religions and can’t understand essences of religions, let alone to develop religions. After a long-time practice, they even go astray and lose themselves.

Buddhism emphasises equality of every person and cherishing lives, which is not false. Some people prefer dogs and dogs to humans under the disguise of cherishing animals. It is an instance of losing oneself in religions. It is understandable to fight for rights of dogs, but before loving dogs, I want to ask, what you have done for poor African people? Thousands of people die in Middle East every day. What have you done for people in the Middle East? What have you done for the disabled?

They have done nothing to cherish human beings, but pretend to talk about rights of dogs. If loving dogs and not loving human beings is not losing oneself, what is losing oneself in religions? Millions of people sign for banning ‘Festival of Dog Meat’. Those people should first attend the wars in Middle East and wipe out IS before talking about ‘Festival of Dog Meat’. Otherwise, the one has some problems in his brain or suffers from mental disorders. In medicine, this kind of people is called paranoid.

The same problem exists in Islam. In the Koran, Allah requires Muslims to do good in more than two hundred places, but you do bad things and only do bad things.

Mohammed said Muslims attack each other and go to Jahannam together. However, Muslims have never ended the slaughters. Evidences were founded by Baghdadi—Muslims do bad things for a long time.

You preachers can only pass the Koran and Hadith to offspring instead of their essences and original meanings. You do not do what Allah and Mohammed really want you to do. On the contrary, you do what Allah and Mohammed do not want you to do.

Religious people fight each other for power and make disputes instead of guiding people to construct their nations and do good things for a society in order.

Mohammed did not intend to teach you to excrete and dress yourselves, but to build a society in order, a rich society and a society approaching to paradise, but you are walking towards Jahannam.

When learning classic works, readers need to understand the original intention of authors and develop it, instead of confining themselves to words and forms, since the environment changes and problems we need to solve change. Forms change, but essences, original meanings of authors and goals that the authors want to achieve do not change.

Thousands of years ago, Mohammed has said you Shia and Sunni are arguing over and fighting for the same thing, meaningless thing, only to satisfy some people’s greed for power.