45、Islam Is a Kind of Culture of Order, Totally Colliding with Western Liberal Cultures

3 June 2015

Belonging to nomadic tribes, Arabians live in a poor environment where they lack living resources. The Koran was given by Allah to adjust people’s behaviours and help to establish the social order for Muslims.

The Koran involves the knowledge of how people should behave from the start to the end. It teaches people how to eat and dress as well as the rules of weddings and funerals. Those rules are terribly strict, which stipulates that the hands of thieves will be cut off and people committing adultery will be stoned to death.

In those areas terribly lacking resources, robbers will become rampant and people will not be able to survive without strict rules. In the Arab region, which is short of water, people can wage large-scale war against each other for water.

The rules should be emphasised in these areas, or the world will be thrown into a mess.

The democratic culture that America presses ahead with is a kind of culture ignoring rules. Although Western countries are as developed as possible, their social management is still very bad. Social riots are intensified by the fact that 2.6 adults are killed by policemen with gun on average every day in America. Therefore, Western cultures are free and totally different from that of Islam.

Basic things, like how to eat, dress, go to the bathroom, treat ants, and so on, are stipulated in Islam. Therefore, Islam culture is a kind of culture valuing orders the most.

Pahlavi dynasty in Iran introduced Western cultures into the country, resulting in the fierce cultural conflict and wholesale Westernisation. Therefore, revolution took place to fight against America, Israel, and advocated unification of the state and the church.

What culture Islam region can accept should be a kind of culture that emphasises orders.

Communism is such a kind of culture. Therefore, as Arab Socialist Rebirth Part advocated Communism, they succeeded. Without the interference of American in the Middle East, Arabian countries would have been unified by communists in this region.

However, the problem is that Arab Socialist Rebirth Part might not be pure Communism; they are closely associated with religions. Communism will no doubt be influenced greatly in the soil of Islam. Pure Communism is materialistic while Islam is totally idealistic.

Besides, the Communism by Marx is not complete and is not compatible with Islam. Therefore, we have no idea what the Middle East Communism wants to stick to and fight against, nor does others. All we know is that they are violent.

Both Marxist theory and Islam traditions are violent, if they are combined, they are more violent. Therefore, it is a right choice for America to overturn them.

However, from another point, Islam accepted Marxist theory in some degree because they had the same logic and cultural foundation; both of them wish to build a society of order.

While those countries in Islam region all fight against America, Taliban, IS, and Iran all hate America. No matter what America had done to them and what helps and trainings that America had offered them, the belief of Allah is always so strong that supports them to fight against America.

It is wrong to think that as people in the Middle East belong to nomadic tribes, they do not know commerce. The Koran has clear rules about how to trade and stipulates that commercial fraud is prohibited. According to the Koran, Americans are good at plunder and bully. They leave mountains to Kurdish people, deserts to Arabians, and oils to themselves.

Those little treats that Americans give can definitely not change the Middle East and Islam.

From daily life things to funerals and wedding things, what Americans do is totally object to the Koran and Hadith. Islam totally hates them. This is cultural conflict from the deep inside.

Americans not only advocate sex freedom, breaking people’s family, but also advocate homosexuality and animal sex. They are bad and should be cursed. Nobody will pay attention to them as they want to interfere with Middle East issues. Maybe some kings and chiefs of a tribe will obey them for money, but ordinary people hate them from their deep heart. This is cultural conflict.

What Middle East needs is a kind of more advanced and more inclusive culture, only with which can the peace remains in this region. The state capitalism in China may solve this problem, but democratic and free culture does not fit the Middle East.