44、‘The Koran’ and Doing Good

28 May 2015

‘The Koran’ is an expression and law of Allah, which was enacted by Allah for Muslims thousands of years ago.

The law enacted by Allah is quite detailed including all works of life, which is much more detailed than the ‘Bible’. The ‘Bible’ is just a record and description of God.

Allah had really given a lot of thoughts to ‘the Koran’. There are about two hundred characters of ‘good’ and Allah never forgets to warn Muslim to do good.

Allah expects human beings to do good. But Islam is the most ‘evil’ religion and completely make God disappointed.

There are many reasons for this.

The concept of ‘good’ evolves constantly and not changeless.

Because ‘the Koran’ is a law thousands of years ago. Social condition thousands of years ago was totally different from current situation, and the people’s productivity at that time was completely different from the productivity of people nowadays.

For example, the productivity was low at that time, and the living materials were quite scarce, stealing others’ things might do great harm to them and stealing food might cause the death of others, so the thieves shall be cut off their hands in ‘the Koran’ under this situation at that time.

However, the productivity has been improved nowadays, the harm by pilfering is limited. Some laws even state that a minor crime below a certain amount will not be registered.

It is obvious that the law of the thieves shall be cut off their hands in ‘the Koran’ is not suitable for modern society, so measurement of penalty in ‘the Koran’ needs rechecking. Moreover, some new types of crimes may not be recorded in ‘the Koran’ because there were not these kinds of crimes at that time.

Cutting off hands because of stealing thousands of years ago might be for keeping justice, which is doing good. However, cutting off hands because of stealing at current society is doing evil.

Therefore, the concept of ‘good’ should keep up with times. In this sense, fundamentalism of Islam, Wahhabi is the largest evil.

Mohammed pointed out in ‘Hadith’: ‘The so called heaven for them is the hell, and the so called hell for them is the heaven.’

Moreover, the main ideologies of current Islamic revolution of Iran to overturn the Pahlavi dynasty—(1) unification of the state and the church, (2) anti-American, (3) anti-Israel—are wrong and evil.

The two sects of Islam are all heresies. Either the Sunnite or the Shia, the heaven they say is the hell, and the hell they say is the heaven. They take congregations and the world to hell from different roads, but the destinations are all the hell.

It could be said that there isn’t a good person in Islam from junior to senior and from young to old, they are all bad persons. The Islam needs an out-and-out religious reform, or as ‘the Koran’ says, ‘The Allah will destroy the Koran’ (17:86), and make Islam disappear.

2. The wisemen should do great goods.

There are big and small concepts of good, and the wisemen should do great goods.

a) Eliminate the roots of conflicts and wars and realise the harmony of the world.

Wars and conflicts constantly appear and they never stop, while wars do greatest harm to common people, so it needs to eliminate the roots of conflicts and wars fundamentally. The roots of conflicts and wars are conflicts of interest, culture, ideology, and thought.

As ‘the Koran’ records, ‘I have made a Torah and a law for each nation. If the Allah desires, he will make all of you as one nation, but he divides you into many nations to test if you could observe the Torah and law he grants. Therefore, you should scramble to do goods. All of you belong to Allah and Allah will tell the debate about the right and wrong to you’ (Yan Xizhang 5:48).

God divides human beings into different races and countries and gives different ideologies, civilisations, languages, and cultures to different races and countries. Because the ability of thinking of human’s brain is limited and the ability of accepting ideology and culture is limited, God has no choice but to divide the ultimate civilisation into sections and impart different cultures to different nations.

God endows Chinese ‘Tao Te Ching’, Arabian ‘the Koran’, Indian ‘Sutra’, Jew ‘Bible’, and the subsequent Marxism Western democracy and human right culture.

Moreover, different races from different countries cultivate themselves in different directions of culture. However, the real purpose of God is to make human cultivate themselves comprehensively and improve their souls when civilisation of human reaches to a certain extent and human’s brain develops to accept all cultures. Because all cultures are the will of God and are the cultures God expects humans to practice. Humans will not be completed if only cultivating themselves in one aspect.

The incomplete ideology of humans leads to constant wars and conflicts, which is the real reason of humans’ wars and conflicts. If humans want to return to the Garden of Eden, the issues on improvement of human’s soul and incomplete soul of humans have to be solved. We need to accept, learn, and tolerate all cultures God endowed and admitted. The heaven will not accept the human with an incomplete soul. The men who could not improve their souls and accept all cultures have to come again and again between the hell and man’s world and never enter into the heaven.

You are always making religious riots and conflicts of sects, God will never allow you to enter into heaven, because God needs to deal with religious riots and conflicts of sects. It is impossible for God to find troubles for himself. IS also wants seventy-two virgins after death, which is impossible, maybe there is something wrong with your brains, so do not let your imagine run away too far. All of you need to go to hell for rebirth.

It is a good to eliminate wars and conflicts of human and it is the biggest good.

b) Fair and reasonable division of wealth.

Marxism and culture of human right, public ownership and private ownership, it seems that they are contradictory, but actually they are complementary. Just like when dealing with things, we need different tools. The using method and the function of spear and shield are different. We consider they are contradictory, because we only could use one of them, and think one is useful and the other is useless. Actually this kind of view is a fallacy and the reflection of ignorance. Marxism and culture of human right is only a kind of tool. When dealing with something, we need different tools, only could using one is a reflection of ignorance, paranoid and evil.

We need public ownership and also need private ownership. The problems they solve are different. Sometimes we need to use public ownership to solve some problems, and sometimes we also need to use private ownership to solve some problems. China model is the model combined by public ownership and private ownership. I have discussed this before.

We need public ownership to build a framework of social management and governance, then the remaining parts filled by private ownership, like bones and meat of humans, coordinate with each other and support each other.

Public ownership could realise the big distribution of society, could distribute the wealth and capital of God to everybody and could meet people’s lowest social security and fundamental equity and justice. Everybody could enjoy love and protection of God form birth to death. It is a great good to make the poor not alone, poor and helpless.

c) Security assurance and equity and justice.

Security assurance and equity and justice for the rich, it is easy to protect their rights and interests, but for the poor, it is easy to be ignored, especially in the undeveloped areas and poverty-stricken areas. To provide security assurance and equity and justice to all human is a great good, which needs capital and social balanced management.

This problem also exists in the developed countries. Mexico is the most typical case. They are developed countries, but their public security is quite terrible, which is caused by the lack of social balanced management. This kind of problem also exist in America and European. The management of guns failed and the public security problem is serious, this is an evil.

Expect for the failed social balanced management, insufficient investment is also the reason people in undeveloped countries could not get ‘security assurance and equity and justice’. Because of poverty and the problem of the social system, countries could not get infinite amount of capital to improve public security and ensure equity and justice.

Public ownership with a certain capital could solve this problem. It is a great good to use the wealth created by God to solve the problem of ‘security assurance and equity and justice’.

d) Improving life quality of people is a great good.

Marx says no matter how evil capitalism is, the developed countries improve life quality of people. That is a great good.

No matter how many times America does make Islamic countries and Iran unsatisfactory, America creates wealth and improves life quality of people, and it ranks top. This is a great good.

All in all, no matter how impartial and innocent the Islamic countries are, they also could not improve life quality of their people. This is a great evil and there is no use to say anything.

There is no use to defend for yourselves with ‘the Koran’ and any code. Dirty is dirty, evil is evil, and ignorance is ignorance. Using money and life quality of people to judge this problem is doing an evil. No use to say anything, God and Allah will punish you.

e) Charity.

There are many philanthropists in our society and they are doing good, but the goods are called small goods, but they are much more better than the people who do not do goods. However, they only could solve a thing at a certain time, but could not solve the fundamental problems. The real wiseman should do great good.

This world is created by God and he hopes the world he creates could make people have great wealth, live a high-quality life, be in order, be harmonious, no wars and conflicts in their life, be kind, improve their souls gradually, develop their world to an advanced level, respect deities, and feel grateful for deities.