43、It Is Repeated a Few Times in the Koran That Allah Will Destroy the Koran

11 May 2015

It is recorded in the Koran:

He keeps the original of all the heavenly scriptures that the Lord (Allah) has written off and declared at will. (Koran 13:39)

The Lord (Allah) shall utterly annihilate the Koran if he intends to do so. (Koran 17:86)

The Lord (Allah) commanded Mohammed to read aloud, so he will never forget anything but that the Lord (Allah) makes him forget. (Koran 87:6, 7)

The laws recorded in the Koran are extremely strict and all-embracing. Moreover, Allah intended people to show mercy and do the good by punishing the evil.

The Koran is an oracle used to normalise human’s social order and code of conduct. It is totally different in management style and concept from Taoism that advocates change and inconstancy.

God gave different nations different oracles, management methods, and thinking patterns.

To my point of view, the people of that time couldn’t accept complex ideas simultaneously due to their limited ability of thinking. Furthermore, many ideas came into being owing to the development of society. Taking democratic culture and human rights culture, for example, they were proposed by America after the Second World War. This is because the ignorant mankind would be at a loss as to what to do and thus show no obedience if very complex ideas were given to them.

So God could only divide the complex ideas into different doctrines and then let different nations and religions preach at different stages.

In those days, the Arabs lived in the desert and went short of living resources, so their behaviour had to be restricted by severe law. Therefore, the Koran was an oracle given to backward, ignorant, and savage nations.

The Koran was, as it were, successful. Its success was evident in the development of population in such a region of severe water shortage.

However, human productive forces have been enhanced at present, and there is no exception to the Middle East, where productivity is also being raised.

We can manage the society in some civilised, scientific ways. If so, we can solve the contradiction between resource scarcity, social management, and social distribution.

So it is reiterated in the Koran that the Lord can destroy the scriptures in the Koran as he wishes. The Koran can be disobeyed or written off at will if people can solve problems in a more scientific and civilised way. But man should first be virtuous.

The Koran intended mankind to do the good, but not abide by the laws stubbornly. However, all the Muslims’ actions at present are contrary to the will of God. All the sects of Islam are evil and seriously problematic. The believers are following the evil, doing the evil, and walking on the evil road with the Koran as a support.

So if the Muslims are incorrigible and unable to give up the evil, Islam will be considered an evil religion, and Allah will destroy the Koran. This has been told explicitly by Allah in the scriptures.

In the Dharma Ending Age, the Muslims should release themselves from the bondage of the Koran and turn to absorbing the world’s advanced culture and thought to build wealth reasonably and lawfully, so as to raise the living standards of the people and administer the country effectively. Only this is what Allah is delighted to see. Only this is his real intention and his glory.