41、Terrorism and Genocide

29 April 2015

Terrorism is a new invented term, which has never been heard from Feudal society and earlier.

I assume that terrorism is an abnormal product, developed after the slogan of ‘human rights, democracy, and freedom’ provided by civilised countries such as America. In addition, there is no terrorism before the slogan of ‘human rights’ was provided.

Simply speaking, terrorism could not have existed without a so-called society of ‘human rights’.

Why? It is because those terrorists were all killed in an institutional society. And anyone who wants to be a terrorist also dropped their ideas. Therefore, there are no more terrorists in the society.

So terrorism is nurtured by those people who support ‘human rights’. They just reap what they have sown.

Moreover, terrorism is not the only ‘precious product’ they ever made, there will be more of it. In fact, some signs have been shown—Europe will be occupied by Islamic countries. Europeans will have to pray to Allah every day, otherwise they will be beheaded. That time is coming soon and the next generation of Europeans will be controlled by Muslim.

This is the outcome of supporting ‘human rights’, or of making ‘human rights’ the top priority. Some of the supporters even developed ‘dog rights’ and ‘cat rights’ based on the ‘human rights’. Dog and cat are just food from God to human beings. Dog can bite human without punishment, but human would be imprisoned if he or she bites a dog. Are you all insane? I assume these ideas should be eliminated.

Ethnic massacre and genocide definitely are the only solutions to barbarians.

Civilisation is not wrong, but it depends on specific situation. And you should clearly know who your opponent is.

If your opponent is a civilised people, you should treat him or her civilly. If your opponent is a barbarian, you should be more barbarous. Ethnic massacre and genocide definitely are the only solutions to barbarians.

Why are civilised people unable to explain clearly to the barbarians? That is because barbarians don’t follow or even understand the rules. So for them, rules mean nothing.

A proverb for treating with barbarians is really a truth that ‘truth only exists in the range of cannon’. Firing them with cannon is the only solution. We do not need to talk to them, because it is totally in vain and they won’t listen or understand the rules you talk to them.

What is barbarian, and what is civilised? Let’s take an example.

Japan was defeated in the World War II, but they admitted it and strived for developing the economy instead of managing suicide attack or suicide bombing to come at America. This is civilised.

What is barbarian? Islamic countries and Islamic extremist groups are the perfect models, who have lost in the battlefield and try to hide in and under the shield of ‘human rights’. They drop their guns, pretending to be normal citizens, and they pick up guns, becoming terrorists who only shoot under women’s dresses or behind children. This is barbarian, filthy, evil, shameless, folly, and infernal.

Don’t consider this is funny and ethnic massacre and genocide is necessary in this circumstance. This is truth as well as justice.

The extreme solution for human beings to settle disputes is, since ancient times, war, which could never be replaced in a short time. However, there are civilised wars and barbarian wars—war of human beings and of devils.

Probably, all of Japanese are short in IQ and have blind spot in differentiating good and evil, ideologically. They cannot identify the evil nature of the World War II. However, Japanese were reasonable and admitted the failure when they failed. They committed hara-kiri rather than support terrorism. Compared to the Islamists’ hooliganism, bushido spirit is much more civilised and advanced. From this point, we may say the Japanese are civilised. However, Islamists are absolutely barbarians, and we have nothing to talk with them.

I like one line from the movie General Patton: I wrote a piece of poetry for my enemy, asking him to fight with me with tank. We shook hands and got in the tanks to duel, and the victory of this war depends on the victory of him or me.

This is a romantic fantasy and unrealistic, but indeed, is a solution for civilised people to settle disputes. Whether they loss or win, the war is ended, and they never bother each other again.

Some inferior nations commit terrorism and their people shoot under women’s dresses although they have been defeated in the war. They think this is funny and reasonable. What they have done is purely evil and interminable, and we need to fight back with devils in a devil way.

Islamic countries one day will shed blood like water and all achievements will be up to scratch, if they do not conduct religious reform and integrate into the modern civilisation. In conclusion, civilisation will never bow to barbarism, and God forbid occurrence of such thing.