40、Baghdadi Is the Dajjal in Prophetic Hadith and He Bounds to Die in Syria

21 April 2015

According to Prophetic Hadith, Dajjal, the Baghdadi of IS, will appear in our times. According to the Prophetic Hadith, ‘He will appear on a mountain road between Syria and Iraq, in the meantime, there is nothing left wherever he goes.’ IS is starting to develop in the adjacent place of Syria and Iraq, which is Baghdad indeed.

An evaluation of Baghdad and IS in Prophetic Hadith is that ‘Dajjal is his nickname and he is deceptive and mendacious person’.

It is truly broadening people’s horizon that the hoax of Baghdad and IS who are exactly the fraud and evil. And then it is cannot imagine that someone believe the trick and still fight for him as suicide bombers. Beyond my imagination, how the people are poisoned deeply. These words of ‘deceptive’ and ‘mendacious’ are quite proper to describe it.

On the other hand, it shows someone’s foolishness and filth. These people, lacking of basic ability to judge good and evil, join IS. This kind of behaviour deserves to be executed. They do not belong to human beings so that they should be sent to see their master in the other world—the evil. There is no place for them in the earth.

According to the description of Prophetic Hadith, Baghdad is the one who is a one-eyed person, matchless bad, a big liar, and subversive with lame and red hair while his right eye is hideous and prominent with one-eyed shape.

I have seen the picture of Baghdad. I found that his eyes were all right. I estimated that he was injured seriously in American’s bomb and eyes were blinded by it and legs became limp. Or why he did not dare to show in such long time.

Prophetic Hadith also wrote, ‘Dajjal would escape from Iraq to Syria and die in Syria.’

That fits the current situation in battle field. IS suffers the defeat in Iraq. It is estimated that the Iraq will be over soon. And then he only escapes to Syria and all of them will be destroyed in Syria.

It is very proper that the IS and Baghdad are described by the phrase ‘matchless evilness’. How can human beings be so bad like that?

We say the drug traffickers in Mexico are so bad enough, but they just do bad things locally for money. Their thuggee cannot influence the whole world, but IS hires suicide bombers and creates terrorist incidents in all around the world. IS is not only for money but also for creating regime. They can misguide normal person. So the evil of drug traffickers in Mexico and IS are not in the same level and IS is the most.

Prophetic Hadith also wrote that the Muslim want to fight against the IS needed to read the pre-ten sentences or last-ten sentences of Cave Chapter, which means no different.

‘People believing it and doing the good will reside in paradise of Allah created and can live forever, if want to meet with Allah you need to do good.’

Thus, it is observed that the Islam is a religion with kindness tendency and Allah teach followers. With that in mind, the way to fight IS and Baghdad is ‘doing good things and never be evil’. However, the IS is truly wicked. Allah teaches us ‘being good’ is the ideology to fight with IS.

Besides that, Prophetic Hadith wrote the other trait of IS: powerful ability to manage money, which agrees with the situation of IS.

‘He starts to summon a nation to believe him. People trust and response him. And then he commands the sky to fall rain and orders the land to grow lush plants. Afterwards, he summons another nation, but this time, people refuse to believe him and refute his fallacy. He left immediately. And then these place suffered great drought, becoming barren while people, who live there, are impecunious.’

These words describe that obeying IS will get fortune, or get nothing. Moreover, IS does not depend on plunder at all, but on witchcraft. Currently, we call it as ability of manage money. However, there is no such description in that time which is described like witchcraft.

Prophetic Hadith wrote that ‘Dajjal was the most worried thing to yours’. Since he is as follows:

1. Very wicked that creates most damages in Allah’s world.

2. Deceptive that can puzzle most followers in short times.

3. Understanding witchcraft of managing money, who is the most rich gangster group throughout history.

All of that agree with IS and Baghdad.

Those countries and persons, who support the IS with money and weapon behind the scenes, please do not think you can’t be known. With time, when Baghdad is killed, all of you will be cleared and destroyed by Allah.

However, the Koran also indicates good news: when the Wahhabi of fundamentalism is destroyed and there is no war in the earth anymore.